Monday, July 25, 2011

Mornings Around Here


Good morning, Amelia!

I love the blue of the chicory.  Must dig up some and try to roast the roots for coffee.  I've read about it.  Anyone else doing it?

Rusty stuff:  we've got lots of it!

 Milling wheat for the day's baking.
 Goat's milk from Bella and eggs from the Ladies.

 A favorite cookbook.
 A lovely breakfast we enjoy year round by just changing the fruit.

Go visit the ladies at BARN HOP #21 !


Bonnie said...

My kids LOVE german pancakes! I grew calling them Dutch babies, and I forget you can put fruit on them, we always ate them with just powdered sugar. (probably because that much fruit for 10 kids would have put a big dent in things...)
Beautiful morning pictures, and we have chickory growing like crazy. Let us know how it is for coffee!

Rob Russo said...

The chicory looks great with the barn behind. We are looking for plants to put around our chicken yard. Do your chickens eat the chicory?

Susan said...

Good Morning, Kimberly! I think of you often. I have specifically been praying for you and friendships...hands on friendships for you.

Every day I become more and more stressed and dissatisfied with the hustle and bustle that is a Washington DC suburb and keep looking to you for some calm and peace practices to implement as I can. Cooking and your love of all things tea always speak to me.

Just wanted to send you a hug.



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