Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thinking Out Loud

I love the light at dusk here.

I been thinking a lot. Probably too much. I have a tendency to over think things. Just ask Sweetheart. I've been thinking about "how I've always done it" and "how things are done now".
I'm learning to rephrase and rethink past automatic responses, but it isn't easy. I think (!) I need to do it, or I just might go crazy living here in Planet Idaho. Because, seriously, it's another world here in the middle of nowhere.
I don't miss what most people might think I'd miss. I mean, I do miss Target and Starbucks being 15 minutes away instead of two hours. Some conveniences are nice. But I just don't feel like making the effort even when the opportunity arises to go. I don't really care about that old way of life anymore. Besides, it sure saves money not going there!
I miss my dear friends, of course. I miss hanging with my best friends once a month at least. But I'm not lonely here. Not even like I felt for so many years in the city. Plus, I know I still have those dear friends even if I can't just see them when I want. It's ok. It's different.
I am thinking about other, bigger ideas and ways of viewing life. This isn't meant in any way to demean city life, or all the people choosing differently. A lot of what I'm thinking about probably applies to everyone.
I've been thinking about "trying vs. training", "instincts vs. experts", "perfect vs. done", "routines vs. schedules", "entertaining vs. hospitality", and more. Most of these thoughts have come up from various other bloggers and I'll try to add links later. But, it is likely that some of the original posts and where I've gone with them, may no longer resemble one another. (I am trying to "pin" relevant posts where I can find them later, so as to not have the brain fade I am currently operating under.)
I could type for hours on all these things, but the reality of life is that nap time is almost over, the tortillas I made need wrapping and freezing, the boys want to make cookies today, and I should sweep the floor for the 100th time this week. All this to say, I'll probably try to tackle each one of these pairs of thought in its own posts.
I have so much I want to write and share and it all gets lost in the dailiness of life.  But I don't want to miss this.  I think, somehow, it's more than me just needing to get out more.  Life has changed so much these last few years and I want to somehow articulate, maybe just for my own sake, what those changes mean and where to go from here.
Was able to track the post on "Trying vs. Training" I read that has me thinking about a lot of life in light of this.  Feel free to read and come back here and tell me your thoughts.  :)  I'll post more on it soon and would love to bounce the idea around with others. 


Bonnie said...

Two things that made me sit up and take notice:
~Trying leaves the results open ended and with an easy clause of "oh, I tried".
Training implies actual consistent effort and improved results over time.

~I think that once we view things as training instead of just trying, we tend not to have a hopeless mindset when they take time or more effort than we expected.

I like instant results. When I don't see them, I automatically start thinking I've failed, and should probably quit. I need to remember that you can't run a marathon on a whim, you need to train for it. Thus is life, and mothering, and homesteading, and wife-ing, and daily serving the Lord, in all that you do. You have to train yourself, and its not always comfortable, and not always easy and you have to breathe through the pain and cramps when you want to give up. But you'll be proud of yourself for sticking it out, and of what you have accomplished.
(I'm not saying *you* specifically, which I'm sure you know, but I still wanted to clarify)

On another note (sorta) I absolutely love Hannah and wish I had half her wisdom. I have 2+ pages in my everything book filled with her advice. I think I need to re-read her blog from the beginning again, just as a refresher!

Kimberly said...

Thank you, Bonnie! I love what you have to say and agree totally.
Hannah's blog is a new one for me, but I have enjoyed it so far. Maybe I'll need to read back a bit.

BaileyZimmerman said...

Hi hon.....left a long message the other day...sigh....don't see it.
I think that what you are doing...following a dream and learning along the way is courageous and an inspiration.
I think that 'trying' training. It's the attitude behind the 'trying'. I think that you have that tremendous gift of curiousity. It's the beginning to all great accomplishments.
Bravo girl........
so proud of you....

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

Dusk is my favorite time of it. And you captured it beautifully in this photo...:)

Rose said...

Got to ask...who is Hannah? I am trying to scan through your blog cause I really need to go bring clothes in...I have been reading it when I get the chance for a little while....

Kimberly said...

Rose-Her blog is
the one I linked to in the post. I've only been reading a few weeks, but I really enjoy what she has to say. Well, except today's post on the massive grub. ;)


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