Friday, April 29, 2011

Dear Bella,

Thank you for the milk. So far, we've drunk gallons of it and enjoyed it as custards, goat cheese and ricotta cheese, butter and buttermilk, lots of yogurt, and shared the whey for the chickens. Next up will be mozzarella cheese once I figure out how to use rennet. You are a great goat. We, the neighbors included, just wish you weren't so loud!

PS--I am happy to share recipes for anyone interested! That includes you, KYLE!!!
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Bonnie said...

We went to a cheese factory a few weeks ago, and tried their cheddar goat cheese. Very good but there was definitely a "goat" after taste. Curious if you've ever had trouble with that.
I've heard that when done properly, you can't tell the difference between goat and cows milk, but with this, oh-yes you can. Just wondering, since I'm half seriously thinking about sneaking a goat home someday. :0)

Kimberly said...

If the milk sits for a few days, the flavor changes. I've not had a problem with the other things yet at all, but they are pasteurized w/ the cooking. Haven't tried hard cheeses yet, but I'm planning to get to that. Eventually. I'd rather a cow, but goats work for now!

Susan said...

What a darling goat!

SparingChange said...

What a beautiful godat!


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