Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Morning!!

The coffee is percolating on the stove this morning. Gramma's Pyrex percolator is still going strong! It smells so good. I'm looking forward to pouring a cup in just a few minutes.
Sweetheart did such a fantastic job cleaning the basement that I was able to easily go down there and work out this morning. Well, it was easy once I dragged myself out of bed! He even loaded Superchick onto an mp3 player so I have my workout music. The Body for Life (BFL) program alternates three days of weight training and three days of aerobics with the seventh day a *free day*/day of rest. Today was upper body weight training. Done! I'm not sure, however, that I'll be able to lift that cup of coffee.
Doing BFL also has you eating six small meals of healthy proteins and carbohydrates as well as drinking a ton of water. Four glasses already done. I am wide awake now and ready to go for the day. It's time to go get the monkeys out of bed. Don't worry--this won't turn into a BFL Blog. If you're not a fan of BFL, that's fine, but it does work for me. I'm only posting about this as a way to help hold myself accountable and encourage someone else I know as she was mentioning starting up.
We're off to the library after breakfast (Scrambled Egg White Burrito) this morning to pick up Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell. We recently bought the BBC movie and LOVED IT so I'm looking forward to reading the book. I loved her Wives and Daughters both the book and the movie.
Have great day!


Anonymous said...

I loved the BBC movie.. be prepared though, they really deviated from the book. I enjoyed the book as well, but hoped it would follow a bit more closely.

I am using Sparkpeople for the same kind of fitness support.. I have the same type of weight training/cardio schedule, and the water and food thing there. Does BFL require you to buy their tapes/videos, or does it let you pick and choose as long as you are meeting your required minutes per week? I have seen myself tone up, but the weight is not coming off, nor are the inches necessarily. Things look better, but I don't seem to be getting smaller...grrr.

Kimberly said...

I believe they made the movie by combining three of her stories. I am expecting differences. I enjoy seeing the stories both ways usually.
BFL doesn't require you to buy anything, although they will happily sell you supplements and bars and shakes off of their website if you want them. I don't. I get whey protein powder at Target and eat real food the rest of the time. They do recommend a variety of exercises you can do to work specific muscle groups. They show them on-line as well. It's just if you are interested. I'm not familiar with Sparkpeople, but I'll look it up later. There is a BFL book by Bill Phillips that I borrowed the last time I did this. Your library may have it, or it is available on-line. It is very encouraging.
I really like BFL because I don't have to buy or join anything. It is a good sytem for someone like me who needs structure. Good luck and great job for taking care of yourself!

Thia said...

Great start! After all these years of pregnancy, I am looking forward to being able to start some program. Last time I had started, got going pretty good, then got that positive test...

Julieann said...

Sounds like such a nice morning--I love the smell of coffee in the morning:)

Happy Monday!


Shan said...

Dearest Kimberly,

I have added Cranford to my list of DVD's to order from the library. I just loved Wives and Daughters.

Good luck with the BFL program, I have heard great things about it. Of course, you have used it with great success before. I am inspired to keep up with my own fitness!

Hasn't it been hot?! Ohhhh, I am ready for fall.

Yours kindredly,
Honey Hill Farm

Anonymous said...

Good! I just bought Cranford but haven't watched it yet. I know I'll like it if you do.
North and South is also another wonderful Gaskell movie. Make sure you don't get the t.v. miniseries with Patrick Swayze by the same name!
Another BBC movie we recently enjoyed is Bleak House but it's by Dickens so the story is rather dark. It was good though.


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