Saturday, July 26, 2008

In The Kitchen

I was drinking my coffee the other morning when I thought of my Grandmother's percolator in my cupboard. I had tried using it a few times over the years, but had no idea how to really use the thing. I think I just boiled the grounds to death. It always seemed to be boiling away at all hours of the day when I was a kid.

Then I started reading a book set in the South, Wrapped in Rain, coffee percolating on the stove appeared several times. So imagine my delight when I popped over to Cherry Hill Cottage where she had the coffee on! I pulled my out of the cupboard and washed it. Following her directions, I have it ready to go in the morning. Mine (Grandma's) is just like the one in her picture. Hope this works.

Right now on the stove I have the last batch of pickles processing. Thank goodness. That half-bushel basket made 12 quarts and 9 and a 1/2 pints of pickles. That's a lot of pickles! Now we just have to wait the 4-6 weeks before testing them. Maybe I'll enter some in the country fair this fall. Hah!

This officially ends my canning for the month. Although I want to do more as other things become ripe, I am tired of it all right now. I would like to try Miss Bonnie's corn and black bean salsa she wrote about. It sure sounds good. However, I am looking forward to seeing the top of my counters again!

Having now been pregnant three times in three years like Arlene, I am visiting her site, Losing Weight After Baby. Arlene was a friend back in college and just about the neatest God-loving person I know. I found her again after a mention of her in the Biola University Alumni magazine I received recently.
Knowing me, I need more than just encouragement and suggestions, I need a specific plan. Therefore, I am starting the Body for Life program on Monday. This helped me after Pumpkin was born. I was able to lose all the pregnancy weight plus some. I also loved how strong I got. I thought I'd stick with it, but when I became pregnant with Dumpling, I just had to eat what I could keep down. I did continue to exercise through my pregnancy with him, but once he was born I stopped. Now I'm still carrying around the weight from being pregnant with Dumpling and simply added on the weight of being pregnant with Jimmy. It's time to make a change.
Sweetheart is back from Hawaii and we are all sooooooooooo glad. We missed him so much. He's busy downstairs cleaning up the exercise area so that I can start using it. It had just become the dumping ground for things, especially baby things, so it needs a lot of help. We had just put things we thought we need in a few months for Jimmy down there, but we've decided to just store everything baby for awhile. We'll see where we're at in a few months.
My Mom did stay with us for two nights and we were able to help her out. I took her to the doctor yesterday. They said she'd probably need a month to fully heal. Ouch. Her knee and leg are so bruised and swollen. It hurts to just look at it. Please keep praying for her. She decided she'd rather be at home. I think she'll be able to rest better there, but we miss having her here and would have kept her as long a she needed.

Shannon has been doing a series entitled What I'd Like You to Know having guest posters on a variety of subjects. This post on mourning the loss of a baby is really good. It had me in tears, of course, but was well worth the read.
Hope you all have a lovely weekend. I am off to clean up the pickle mess and hang out with Sweetheart who just came upstairs. Thanks for stopping by!

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