Thursday, July 31, 2008

Should Dumpling Really Be Climbing Stairs Already?

The boy isn't even eleven months old yet and already he's headed up the stairs. That boy is as tenacious as an Airedale terrier chasing a cat. He has no "Off" switch, or at least not one I can find.

I haven't posted in a few days mostly because I am chasing both my little monkeys around. Even Pumpkin, who is so mellow most days has caught Dumpling's "Let's Go Exploring" energy and is off and into everything. I can't turn my back on the two of them for four seconds before one or the other is up to something. Naptime is a blessed break for us all. I've napped the last few days mostly just so I can keep up.
The exercise and eating changes are going well. I've got a chart on the fridge with boxes listing the daily workouts for the next twelve weeks. Each morning after I exercise I put a star in the box for that day. Yup, I taught Kindergarten, I just don't have any more little chart stickers. It's a good visual for me to see the progress I am making and an incentive, however small, to keep at it as I don't want an empty box glaring at me.
I am looking forward to Sunday though as that is my "Free Day" where I won't exercise and can have anything I want to eat. We're having company for dinner that night. We're splitting up the cooking-they're bringing Jack's Famous Homemade Pizza and I'll supply the salad and dessert. This is going to be some dessert. I know they love chocolate almost as much as I do, so it'll be fun to plan. Of course, any leftovers will have to follow them home, or go with Sweetheart off to the office so I'm not tempted by them come Monday.
Here's a question--where do you store all the stuff after you can it? The pantry is already full of regular groceries. I'm sitting here with 35 jars on my counter. Not the best plan for working around in the kitchen. Guess I'm off to the basement to clean off my Hoosier cabinet. It has gardening and craft things on it. I need to see what can go away or be moved. I REALLY want my counters empty. Stuff, even useful stuff, drives me nuts left on the counters.
Better jump to it before the boys awaken. Hope you all are having a lovely week and not getting too hot!


Anonymous said...

< Guess I'm off to the basement to clean off my Hoosier cabinet. >

Okay, I have a "thing" for Hoosier cabinets. I finally bought my first one last year, but it was a cheap model-unfortunately, the only one I could afford.
Will you PLEEZE post a pic of your Hoosier when you get it cleaned up? And tell me/us where you got it?
jo :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's "normal" for the exploring to begin at an early age...unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your perspective) you didn't experience this the first time around since Pumpkin was unable to be mobile.

My girlfriend's son was WALKING and CLIMBING on tables, couches, etc. at 9 MONTHS OLD! (I wouldn't have believed her except I saw it!) That's early!! The plus side, you may get in shape more quickly than you expected. ;-)
Love, your sis

Mimi said...

two boys are always a handful...what one doesn't think of the other one will!!!

BaileyZimmerman said...

Re: the stairs.
I have a theory...if you don't have stairs the kids learn to climb stairs at 12...if you have stairs they start as early as possible.
Can't you have gates at the top & bottom?
Heather has them at the top...If I'm with Dean for longer than a night....the first thing I'd do? Install a gate at the bottom...he has no fear!!


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