Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Birthday Tea

I've been meaning to write about the Birthday Tea I did two weeks ago for a friend, but projects and computer issues have made it challenging. Since I've got my glass of iced tea ready and Pumpkin is sleeping, now is the time!

Roisin is one of the first ladies I really had a chance to visit with at church. We met up several Sundays in a row in the ladies room. I was very pregnant with Pumpkin, and she had just had her second son Trenton. I was unable to sit through the entire service and he usually needed a new diaper at the same time. It was she who invited me to MOPS. I thought your kids had to be in preschool to attend, but she informed me that it was for mothers of all kids first grade and under. Her sweet spirit and kindness in reaching out to me, in the ladies room of all places, led me to sign up for Mops after Pumpkin arrived. I am so glad that I did.

We visited a few times that first part of the year I joined up, but really didn't get to know one another until we both became Discussion Group Leaders this last year. The more I've gotten to know her, the more I like her. She has become a friend, something I've been desperately longing for.

Last month I was talking to another mom for Mops, Wendy, and mentioned Roisin's birthday was coming up. Wendy said that we should take her to a tea restaurant. I suggested we just have tea at my home as I have all the stuff and love a reason to have a tea party. The three of us set a date, but unbeknownst to the birthday girl, we invited several other ladies to join us.

As I called the ladies to invite them, I was overwhelmed by the responses of the ladies. Everyone wanted to come. She was special to so many ladies that each wanted to honor her special day.

We had set it for seven in the evening on a weeknight so that everyone could come without their kids. (That sounds mean, but isn't. My house couldn't hold the 35+ kids represented by these ten mothers. Besides, we all thought being able to spend time with just other women sounded like a wonderful break.)

I started baking a few days before the tea, freezing bread for sandwiches, the ginger cookies, and tea breads as well. The day before the tea I made the lemon bars and chocolate pecan toffee. I already had a cake in the freezer for the trifle, as I had baked a cake for company before that wouldn't come out of the pan except in bite-sized pieces.

The day of the tea I tidied up the house, prepared the sandwich fillings, and scones. Late that afternoon my mom came over to watch Pumpkin so I could do all the last minute little things. Thank you, Mom! Wendy came by about a half hour before the ladies and assembled sandwiches with me and everything came together so well. One of the ladies had volunteered to bring a quiche that was such a delicious addition to our meal.

At seven all the ladies, but Roisin arrived and started talking. We moved into the family room when she drove up so that she wouldn't see anyone. She came in a visited with Sweetheart, Wendy and myself, not noticing the group of ladies frozen around the corner. When she finally turned around, she was quite surprised!

We had such a lovely time. Everyone ate and visited and laughed together for hours. We all had such a delightful time that we've decided to make our own Bunco group so that we can get together each month. I am so excited about that. It was such a nice group of ladies. We talked about everything under the sun and ate. A lot. My only regret was in not taking any pictures.
It was quite late before the ladies began to leave. Sweetheart escorted everyone to their cars as they left. That's just his way. It was almost eleven as we help Roisin to her car with all her things. A truly wonderful time was had by all.

We cleaned everything up after they left and chatted until midnight when I finally wound down and let Sweetheart go to sleep. It did take me about two days to recover physically from all the standing and lack of sleep, but it was so worth it.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm SO glad you're making friends!! Yeah!!
joanna :)

Jodi said...

Kimberly ~ it sounds like everything turned out just perfect!! What a precious time; it sounds like the event was a blessing to both the givers and receiver.

Roisin said...

My dear friend Kimberly,

Thank you! Thank you for your wonderful tea for me last year. I have just visited my 3rd blog ever...and I think this is the longest I have ever visited a blog...and it is 12am. Anyway...so thankful for all your recipes and ideas but most of all for your friendship. I read your posting of the tea you did in honor of my birthday and I am truly grateful still. What a blessed time. And I am praying for you and your
Dad. Much love and Prayers, Roisin

p.s. Thank you for sharing your teacups and tiers with me for my little muffin Shoshanah.


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