Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Tea Time Countdown

After many years of doing teas for two to 122, I made my own count down list to help me. Now, whenever I am planning a tea, I print this out and use it accordingly. I don't always have two weeks, so I just adjust it as needed. It helps me to remember the little things that make a tea so special.
Since we are homebound for the next few weeks, I think I may try to plan an at-home Autumn Tea. It will be something fun to look forward to!

Tea Count Down

Two Weeks Before
Decide on Theme
Invite Guests

One Week Before
Bake and Freeze Items
Plan Amounts
Make Favors
Make Decorations/Crafts/Place Cards
Make Place Cards
Make Signs for Food, if needed
Check Linens, China, Utensils
Polish Silver
Make Menu
Plan Grocery List and Amounts

Two Days Before
Shop for groceries
Wash and Prep Vegetables

Day Before
Bless (Clean) Home
Bake Breads
Make Scone Mix
Make Sandwich Fillings
Set Tables
Buy Flowers

Morning Of
Assemble Sandwiches, Cover with Damp Towels & Refrigerate
Bake Pastries
Whip Cream
Slice Lemons
Fill Jam Pots
Clean Kitchen

Thirty Minutes Before
Check List for Details
Put the Scones in the Oven
Take a Few Quiet Moments Alone/Check Appearance
Garnish Plates

Final 15 minutes
Light Candles
Play Music
Whip Cream
Sprinkle Powder Sugar
Put Out Cream & Lemon
Put Out Jam
Put Kettle On
Put Food Out
JudyKoenig's Tea and Geraniums from
(I have my blue and orange lusterware tea sets out all around the house for Autumn. One looks a lot like the one in this painting!)


Mrs Cathie said...

You probably won't be reading this comment (just found your site :)) but thanks so much for this - this is wonderful list - printed it out to use again and again :)
Love your blog - just beautiful.

From one "Anne to Another"

Kimberly said...

Thank you Mrs. Cathie! I hope you can use it. It really helps me to remember all tle little things that really can make a tea special. I used to just hand write a list from memory for each tea, but my memory isn't so great!
I'd so love to do an Anne Tea. I'd probably skip the Currant Wine, but Raspberry Cordial sounds awfully nice, doesn't it?

Mrs Cathie said...

Oh, yes sign me up for raspberry cordial - and pudding without the mouse would be good :)

Many blessings,
Mrs Cathie

Kimberly said...

I'll try to not let my imagination get the better of me and remember to put flour in the cake, lest it be a dismal failure!

Mrs Cathie said...

LOL ~ you are an Anne expert aren't you :)

Many Blessings
Mrs Cathie


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