Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tuesday's Tea of the Week

It's been quite awhile since I've listed a tea. As it is quite hot out here, and I am quite pregnant, I am enjoying iced tea during the days and reserving my hot teas for mornings and evenings. This morning I made a lovely blended iced tea. I used a large, quart sized tea bag of just regular decaffeinated tea and added to it two regular Republic of Tea Ginger Peach tea bags.

I put them in my giant Pyrex measuring cup with a few cups of water and microwaved it for five minutes. Then I let it steep for 10 minutes and removed the tea bags. After that it was off to the fridge to cool down while I prepared the rest of lunch. Then I added more cool water to taste. I just filled my glass with ice and poured it on over. It's so refreshing and has just a wee bit of caffeine. I may not end up with my afternoon nap today!

Since we stopped drinking soda a little over a year ago, I enjoy having iced teas more, as well as my 1/2+ gallon of water each day. I make lemonade or limeade probably about once a week, especially if we're having company. I really enjoy it, but the cost can really add up, as does the sugar. Otherwise, it's milk or an occasional juice around here.

I love the pitcher in the picture (say that fast a few times!) above. I've been waiting to get a pitcher like that do make brewing iced tea easier with all my loose teas instead of the bags. Someday...

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