Tuesday, August 13, 2013

In the Garden

We've been outside since breakfast.  it's a cooler morning so we took advantage of it. 
The kids played in the yard and with their water toys while I harvested herbs and flowers in the garden.
We fed the chickens some grain and a zucchini the size of a bat.  I'm not sure we've gotten over the zucchini glut of last year.  I know we still have a ton in the freezer.  However, the chickens don't mind at all!  I'm letting the zucchini grow huge and we're putting them out for the chickens.  Dumpling especially likes this plan as he only likes zucchini in Miss Teddi's Chocolate Zucchini Spice Cake.  :)
I've been trimming herbs as needed for our meals and have dried some, but nothing like last year.  I also have less weeds than last year, so that's a bonus!
I bundled in the Tarragon Forest and brought it inside.  It's four feet long and about a foot in diameter.  I had to put a bath towel on the counter to catch the drips from washing.  It is taking over half of the island.  The other half is filled with mint, cilantro, chives, and savory.  It smells so wonderful.  I'll bundle some and hang them to dry and load others into the dehydrator to become our yummy Herbal Salt.
The sunflowers are amazing.  The plants are so crazy tall.  I was hoping they'd follow the sun and I'd be able to see the blooms for the afternoons and evenings, but they seem to be stuck facing south, sadly away from the house.
We picked jarfuls of zinnias and placed them on the nightstands in everyone's rooms.  Such a cheery flower!  I remember we had zinnia in our front flower bed back in Phoenix growing up.  This is the first year I've ever grown them and I'm sure planning to plant them every year now.  I planted large and small ones.  The small are a cut and come again type and look prettier than the large ones.  Plus, the colors are so fun.  I'll let some go to seed for replanting next year.
Also, pumpkins are taking over the universe.  I thought I the seeds in the jar were from the Guatemalan Blue Banana Squash we grew and ate last year.  Apparently I should label things when I do them.  They are pumpkins!  And there is a lot of them.  Here's to lots of pies and lattes and breads this Autumn.
I can't seem to find my halo hoe so weeding didn't happen.  Besides, it has warmed up considerably now.  So the kiddos are off playing in the other room.  I've washed my arms off and loaded up with Healing Balm on all my scratches and itches.  I rubbed it all over before I sat down to start typing and I'm so glad I did.  All the welts and redness are almost gone and the itching has stopped.
That's something else on my list to do.  I need to make more Healing Balm soon.  I picked more Calendula this morning, plus I have a ton I picked and dried last fall along with the neighbor's Comfrey.  I don't have enough oil today, or I'd get it going.
I've got all sorts of fun ideas for more Herb Goodies to start making including some different Herbal Bath Teas.  I was also offered the opportunity to sell gift baskets with my products at a friend's Lodge.  I am so excited about it.
I think I'd better get my rear in gear and get on all this before our school year starts up in a few weeks.  I haven't had much motivation lately, so I hope it kicks in soon.  Part of it is planning on things for the fall craft shows around here means I've waited because I like making things as fresh as I can. I've also been waiting on everything to grow.  I also accomplish more with a deadline, sad but true. 
Some herbs I usually have just wouldn't grow this year so I find I may need to buy some from others.  I hate to do that because I pride myself on selling my own---totally own grown---things.  However, I think I need to step away from that concern and just do what I can this year. 
Well, I need to stop typing and get making lunch.  *sigh*  The problem with making three meals a day is simply that one must do it every day.
Today, I'm really missing ChickFilA.
And I'm afraid to reread this for proofreading because it's such a rambling post and probably makes no sense and whatever.

**Found my hoe.  A neighbor returned it a few minutes ago.  She's apparently borrowed it the other day when we were gone.  At least I'm not going crazy like I was afraid I might.



Unknown said...

Sounds like you have lots to do. I am one that does not do do under pressure. Some people can, but I can't.

Tracey McBride ~ Frugal Luxuries® said...

Busy, happy days for you Kimberly...making lots of things including memories. :)


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