Saturday, July 21, 2012

Little Miss Independent

I am sitting nearby just watching my girl.  She took her water and car (she has brothers) to the table and came into the kitchen.  After rummaging through the cupboard she filled her bowl with graham crackers and went over to the table.  She pulled out Daddy's chair and climbed on up to enjoy her snack.

In fact, the boys are at Grandma's for a slumber party.  As they packed up to go, she packed up as well.  She got on her shoes and hat by herself.  She has no idea she is only one. She's just so sure she is all grown up.

On a side note, as soon as I told the boys they were going to go to Grandma's they disappeared upstairs.  Pumpkin came back down with underwear, jammies, a few toys, a book and his bed sheet.  Dumpling came down with a big bowl (?) full of a pair of underwear, his swim trunks, a book and lots of cars as well as his sheet. 

I gave them their backpacks and suggested a few other items they might need.  Cupcake grabbed an extra pack and stuffed a book and a bowl in it.  Not sure about my kids' fascination with bowls today...

She back in the kitchen now seeing what else she can get to eat, so I'd better go.  Wish Sweetheart was home so I could just serve dinner...
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BaileyZimmerman said...

Our little E's are sure handfuls.....what a blessing that our girls are so full of vim and vigor!!!!


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