Monday, February 13, 2012

Revisiting Some Old Thoughts on Tea-Needing the Reminder

“Taste and see that the LORD is good,” the Psalmist says. 
Stop for a moment and think about this statement. We eat and drink in our society almost without thinking. Whether we are indifferent to the food in our mouths, and eating not because we are hungry but simply bored, or consuming everything so quickly that we need not notice it, we are constantly filling our mouths usually without thought. We may race through the drive-thru and eat as we drive. We may gulp down our drinks to quench our thirst without tasting them.

But taking tea is different, or should be different. We can’t rush the process. Yes, we can grab a teabag and nuke our water in a mug. That’s not what I am talking about. I am talking about planning a menu, baking special treats like scones, whipping the cream, slicing the crusts off the sandwiches, and putting on the kettle to boil. Taking the extra moment to pick some flowers, to light a candle, select the music, to place out the linen napkins, these are the things that make tea not just any meal.

Our approach to God can be like that. Do we rush through our devotions only taking the time to pray as we are racing around in the car? Can we really devote our thoughts to Him as we drive? Would you, like me, end up merely praying that the car in front of you would get out of your way? Are we just flipping through our Bibles reading whatever verses or chapters happen to be on the page as it falls open? Do we read so fast so that we simply get through the number of verses or pages we think is the bare minimum we can get a way with and not feel guilty about?

Or could we stop a moment. Plan our time, both when and how we will spend time with Him. Set aside a time a place to focus on the LORD. Clear our minds as we calm our hearts to spend some focused time steeping ourselves in his word. Oh, that our tea for two may be a special time with Him each day! Maybe we could approach our devotional as though He is our special guest for tea.

We could find a peaceful corner where we keep our Bible and any devotional material we wish to use. Maybe we light a candle, turn on some music. As we put the kettle on we may sing our praise to Him as the kettle sings. While we wait for the tea to steep we can be clearly our minds of the distractions we face. Maybe during that three to five minutes you could find yourself praying for forgiveness. You may pray for God to speak to you in this time with Him.

As you pour your tea into the cup, ask God to pour out His love on you that you in turn may pour out love and blessings on the people He will bring your way. As you hold the cup in your hand, pause and breathe in the scent of the tea you have chosen. Thank Him for choosing you to be His child. Pray that your words and thoughts would be a pleasing aroma to Him. 
Then, take a drink. Drink deeply. Let the tea fill your mouth as thoughts of Him fill your mind. Read His word and let it steep in your heart and mind. Taste and see that He is indeed good. By slowing down and focusing, your will find the memories of your times with Him to be pleasant as taking tea with your best friend. 
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Susan said...


Just reading this calmed my racing heart and spiraling spirit. Need to remember this. Thank you.



Bonnie said...

Aah. A bit of Emilie. I was just thinking I need to dig her books back out for a read.

(Uh- that was Emilie wasn't it?)

Anna said...

Beautiful post!
Funny, just before I read this post, I knocked my favorite tea cup off the table and the handle broke off. (Can't believe the rest of the cup is in tact!) I was pretty upset with myself for it. But after reading this post, I decided to look at it differently. The handle was actually an annoyance. I rarely used it anyway, grasping the entire cup with my hands. So... I have decided to figure out how to sand down the rough edges left by the broken off handle, and continue to enjoy using my favorite tea cup. Your timing with this post couldn't have been better. Thank you!

Buttons said...

What a truly lovely reminder. Thank you enjoy your tea. B

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Beautiful! I love this.

It's funny, I had an extended quiet time this morning thinking my attention to Him is a Valentine. :)

Kimberly said...

Actually Bonnie, they were my words from a few years ago. I have definitely read a lot of Emilie's books over the years, but this post was one I wrote in 2008 or 2009.


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