Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Easy Fingerless Gloves

It's cold in our house. I may have mentioned that a time, or twelve. I have admired pictures on Pinterest of ladies who knit these darling things. As I am still working on knitting my first washcloth, ten months after beginning it, I was so excited when I saw this post with no-sew fingerless gloves shown that I pinned it right away.

I bought a wool sweater from the thrift store and felted it by running it through the washer and dryer on high heat twice.  Felting the wool means so sewing the edges of the fabric! I cut off the arms and using the bottom part made the first pair.  I tried to use the upper part of the arms for leg warmers for Cupcake, but she promptly crawled out of them.  So, I cut the curved top off a bit more and quickly did a few stitches between the thumb and forefinger for this pair.

I can be seen wearing these all of the time.  I have even worn them to sleep.  I just pull off the thumb part and push them up when I am doing messier things like kneading dough or washing my hands.  It's great because then I know right where they are when I want them on again. 

I then used the lower back and front for boot warmers by tracing my foot onto the felted wool and cutting it out.  I just slipped the foot shaped pieces into my work boots and it has made such a difference!  I am still working on the boot liners as I want the fabric stiffer so it will stay put and not bunch up in the bottom.  It isn't perfect, but I can feel a wonderful improvement.

I hit the thrift store last week and bought two more sweaters on the sale day.  I am hoping to improve the liners, make potholders and probably try leg warmers for Cupcake again now that she is officially walking!

I even made little fingerless gloves for the boys out of one of the sweaters.  We'll see how much wear they'll get.  I am envisioning all sorts of warmness now:  trivets, tea cozies, potholders, mug wraps, and more. What an easy thing!

Added:  I noticed them stretch a bit with so much wearing.  Tossing them back in the washer and dryer tightened them right back up!
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Bonnie said...

They look very toasty!

Nessie said...

What a clever idea. Thanks for your visit to my blog. The header is a picture of where I live (in Scotland, U.K.)
Love Nessie

Nessie said...

Kimberly, I just forgot to add my tip for your cozy inlays. Just buy some cheap thin insoles for your shoes/boots and glue your wooly insoles on them with Gorilla Glue. That sticks perfectly and you have custom-made removable insoles.
Good luck,

tonia said...

That is BRILLIANT. And I have a sweater to felt too. Yippee! Thank you! :)


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