Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Fun Begins

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Bonnie said...

I canned 40 lbs. of chicken a few weeks ago, and I have pork and ground beef in the freezer to do next.

Are those pickled?

Kimberly said...

They are. An old friend had tweeted a picture of his Firecracker Carrots. I Googled and found a recipe. They're good! They'll just stay in the fridge as fresh pickles.

Makes a good use of the old jars as well, at least the few that have lids. The ones without lids become flower vases.

SparingChange said...

I am jealous...but looking forward to doing the same thing this year. I love your blog. Looking forward to following!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

I so admire your lifestyle, it's hopefully the next step for us to take once we both retire.
Those carrots look scrumptious, especially since I'm convinced I was a rabbit in a former life ;)
Thank you for visiting my little place, I hope we visit back and forth often !


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