Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Prayer Update

I've been getting updates through the day and have edited the last post as I get them. My friend, Janna, got to see Joanne after the surgery today and hold her hand. I am waiting to see how things progress and will try to go myself in the next couple of days, if possible.

This just breaks my heart. I first met Joanne when I Googled a quote on reading a few years ago. I found it on her blog and spent the next hour reading. Imagine my joy and delight to discover that she lived across town! I still remember well meeting her for the first time at a tea room downtown. It seemed as though we had been friends forever.

We have gotten together so many times over the last few years and I consider her a dear friend. She was planning to host a luncheon on Friday for several of us local bloggers who get together now and again. We've met at her house a few times, once at mine, and lastly at Janna's for a going away party for Joanne when moved to Arizona for the year.

While she was gone, I was privileged to get to meet her darling Mother, Kay, who apparently was quietly reading here. What a kindred spirit!

I was so looking forward to seeing them both this Friday especially as it would be the chance to introduce them to Cupcake and to get to say goodbye before our move. Kay had emailed just this morning to say she would be stopping by on Friday. Who knew how differently everything would be such a short time later? I know that He knew. And only He knows where this will all lead. How my heart grieves for Kay as a mother watching her daughter helpless and hurting.

I've been crying and praying all day. It's been hard to focus on all that needs to be happening around here. It certainly puts all the craziness about movie into perspective. Life can change in an instant. How important it is to live it for His glory alone. Please, keep this dear family in your prayers. Thank you.

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