Tuesday, January 11, 2011

PLEASE PRAY--updates as available

JOANNE NEEDS YOUR PRAYERS!!!!!!!! She has apparently had a stroke this morning. No more details at this time.
She is in surgery right now. Please pray for her, her family, and Dr. Nichols. Janna is updating as she hears more news.

1:30 Just in from her sister:
Hi everyone, Joanne is out of surgery, the clot is mostly cleared and she is getting blood flow to her brain. She is being moved to ICU, next 24-48 hours are critical. Concerns are swelling if the brain and bleeding. Doctor says permanent damage is likely, but to what extent is unknown. Thank you so much for all your prayers...she is feeling them!!! And so are we!!!
Holding Joanne's hand right now in ICU and she can squeeze it. Still waiting for her to wake up from anesthesia....her girls got to say hi to her via speaker phone. We are praying she wakes up soon.
I talked to Janna a little bit ago. Joanne is responding with hand squeezes and even gave a half smile, but is not really conscious. Janna said she'd call if anything major changed, but otherwise it'll be tomorrow for anymore news. Thank you for your prayers.

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Tea Girl said...

Oh my--will certainly pray!! Thanks so much for putting the word out.


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