Friday, January 14, 2011

Joanne's Day

This Evening's Update:
Toben's update: Long story short: due to reoccurring seizures Joanne has basically been placed in a medically induced coma.
Heading home from the hospital....things are stabilized....looking forward to family dinner tonight and preparing it with Emma....

From her Sister:
Quick Update: At the hospital...Joanne has a fever, blood pressure not good, docs are doing all they can. Fever slowly coming down....part of the "getting worse before it gets better". Pray against infection.
P.S. Beth Moore called Audrey on Joannes phone....she didn't answer because blocked number...but Beth left Audrey an amazing... message. She will probably call back. Audrey is over the moon.
Link to her blog post here.

Toben's post here.

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