Wednesday, July 07, 2010


"I find that it is the classics that are best with chocolate. I suspect this is because I have to digest and savor them slowly (they are not always the easiest reads), and need to read them in bite-size chunks and reward myself every so often for my valiant efforts. The works of Dickens are the ultimate choc-lit, as are most nineteenth-century doorstoppers."
-Jane Brocket (TGAOD)

I guess this explains the need for a bit of dark chocolate whilst reading Little Dorrit. With 750 pages still to go, I may need to lay in a bit more chocolate. Dickens must have been paid by the word. Doorstopper indeed.


It is a rare, cloudy summer day here in Denver. Goodness! I just peaked at the weather page and our high is to be only in the low 60's! There's a chance of rain, but I think we'll brave it and head to the zoo this morning.
I think most of the country is in a heat wave so we'll be sure to enjoy what we have! What is your weather and/or plans for the day?


Bonnie said...

We are most definitely in the midst of a heat wave! The children were playing in the sprinkler before 10 AM, and the air kicked on around 11.

My plans, are to attempt to till between rows in the garden. We have a lovely crop of grass. I've not run the little tiller before, but as long as I can get it started (failed the first try), I should be good!

Have fun at the zoo!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

It is around 90 here and really hot but in New England where Stephanie lives, they are even hotter (and their new house does not have central air conditioning).

I guess I should be happy since the heat will make my tomatoes ripen. :)

Vicki in UT said...

It was 88 here today, 91 tomorrow, and up to the mid-90's for the rest of the week. Fortunately I have central air conditioning.

Today I tended grandkids, then canned 5 quarts of strawberry rhubarb pie filling (strawberries and rhubarb from my garden). Tomorrow I am going to a class at my extension office, and before that I hope to help tie quilts for an eagle scout service project. Afterwards, I still have a case of strawberries in the fridge, and a bag of lemons to can strawberry lemonade either tomorrow or Fri.

jAne said...

While I haven't read the book, I've seen the BBC movie version. Excellent! Now I'm thinking it'd be wise to purchase the book. Hm. Must invest in a pallet of chocolate I suppose. Twist my arm.


jAne said...

. . . oh.
i'm a fairly long time lurker of your blog. it's high time i began posting, hm?

blessings in Him,


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