Wednesday, June 16, 2010


This is one of those rare moments since we've moved that I find myself alone. Well, not really alone as Pumpkin is sleeping across the room, but alone enough. Now I am sitting here in blessed silence and find I have nothing to write. Ironic.

I would like to share a new recipe, or project, or bit of news, but I can't. I am just cooking the basics as we need them, all my crafts and special projects are packed, and I having nothing new to share. Although I did figure out how to upload some pictures from our trip.

Stuck in this place between all that was familiar and all I am dreaming of, I am feeling the uprootedness of it all. This is not a complaint, nor do I regret what has happened. I find myself thinking in the few moments of quiet about a lot. How I see things, my ideas of home, my identity and more.

So while I may not have much to share at this time, my heart and mind are so full. And I am grateful.

I have traveled a bit back in time these last few weeks from staying with my Mom to traveling to my Dad's and stepmother's home. Driving past the home I was raised in during our trip back for my reunion, seeing how altered everything is is interesting. Fourteen years in one home and a lifetime of memories.

Hanging out with old, dear friends visiting a few of the places we spent spent most of our lives: home, school, church. It is all still there, but so different. As were we. And yet, still at our roots, the same. Wishing I had more time with them all brings tears to my eyes even now.

The joy of sitting at a table with two of my dearest friends just talking, laughing and eating was a balm to my soul. Smiling as one of them sang along with the music playing as she ate, probably not even noticing she was, as she always was, singing. The comfort of knowing we would all be friends, forever. (Wondering who of my old friends will catch that song reference.)

Our pasts, our faith, our lives, and our futures will always be intertwined I think. And I am so glad. I only wish that we still all lived just a few miles away from one another. I would love to be raising our families together and simply hanging out laughing with each other. I am truly blessed to have them in my life.

Smiling as I think of these friendships, and looking at these wonderful pictures of the special guys in my life, I know that even though this is not an easy season it is just a season.

(Can I just say how much I miss my garden though?)


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

How wonderful to turn on the laptop and find "you there". :)

I can tell already that which God is teaching has been formed and is growing within you (other than the baby, of course). :)

It truly is during these times we are going through the dry spells that our roots are forced to grow deeper to find that underground cool spring of Life.


Linda Chapman said...

A truly beautiful and peaceful posting! Blessings to you!

Vicki in UT said...

I hope things go well for you, and that you find a place to be home soon. I love the mountain pictures, I love mountains.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for continuing to post and share. Your sweet spirit is an inspiration. The best to you in this new season.

hadashi said...

good to see your boys & know you are in a peaceful place as you remain in this transitional time. and yes, friends are friends forever when the Lord's the Lord of them...:) love you! and glad you are still posting.


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