Thursday, June 17, 2010

Little Farm Update

I just realized that I never posted about what happened with the little farm. We let the offer expire at the end of last month. Some other circumstances changed that I am not at liberty to write about at this time that made it not the place for us.
Which is fine as it had been our prayer all along that if it wasn't the place for us, we would know for certain. We have not found anything else at this time and we are still in a holding pattern as we search due to some of those changes. :)


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Always love stopping by your blog...Had some time to blog hop tonight

Trying to catch up some blog reading...Hope you will stop by for a visit. I have a guest post from my son this weekend...Happy Sunday

Bonnie said...

Well, I want to say bummer about the little farm, but I guess due to the circumstance changes, its actually probably a blessing!
Still praying for just the right place for you, be it temporary, or permanent!

tonia said... least favorite thing to do. :) but always the times when God is moving me the most. i know great growth will come from this time.

and that anonymous comment? ewww! i hate that. you just keep on going and don't let that old Accuser drag you down. there are far more of us rooting for you and supporting you than criticizing. faith is walking forward into things we can't see. God always brings his children to that place in one way or another.

praying for you that the dark days fade in the light of Christ. love to you, my friend.

Heather said...

I hope that the Lord brings you to your new home soon, but mostly that you will feel His presence and peace during this time of transition! I know you must be longing to settle down and plant a fall garden and get to nesting, but the Lord will reward your patience and continued faithfulness!

jAne said...

venturing out of 'lurk status' and posting...

your family is in a lovely place of waiting on our precious Lord. He has the perfect little home for you and is in the process of preparing it - just for you. you'll know. you'll just know.

when you're sitting down, He's preparing for you to stand. :o)



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