Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Off on a Tangent

Ok, it is the day before Thanksgiving. I should be baking. And I guess technically, I baked something.

I decided I wanted to do a Jesse Tree with the boys this year, but did not have any of the ornaments. I've seen some done from paper and some from felt. this morning I decided to make the ornaments out of clay. I've got 10 done, 15 to go!!!!

Basically, there is a Scripture reading for each day of December leading to Christmas. Each ornament is a symbol of an Old Testament story. I found a link with a chart of readings and ornaments/symbols. (I'll post the link later as I am not in a regular internet browser right now.) I am excited about this.
***********ADDED: Here's the link: JESSE TREE INFO.

Now, I need to make the relish and do whatever is on my list for today. The sweet potatoes and pumpkin for pie are baking away at least. Hope you are all having a great day and remembering what really matters about Thanksgiving. I keep reminding myself. :)
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Laura Wellinghoff said...

Love your photos...would love to see more of the ornaments you created...they look lovely. I was doing the same thing just before Thanksgiving this year, up I've not been able to get them completed. Did you use a homemade clay?

Kimberly said...

Thank you! I used the fimo clay packs from Micheal's. :) A while back I decided to make matching sets of these so that each child would have their own when they grow up. Although this first set only took two days to make, I still haven't finished the other two two years later...

Laura Wellinghoff said...

hahaha...thanks what I was hoping to do. I've got 2 Juniors, one at college and one in Public High School now. We've used Adornements for years and I was looking to expand to something else since we've done about all you can with them, including memorizing the scriptures. I was looking to expand our ornaments and something that I could give to the kids for their own families soon.
I've also just recently started blogging, in an attempt to share some of my different creations. Your welcome to swing by... I again I love your ornaments!


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