Monday, November 03, 2008

Thinking on These Things

Oh, what a beautiful Autumn this has been!

We've had a few light frosts~the end of the garden and flowers, but the temperatures during the days are delightful! Autumn makes my heart sing. I catch my breath just stepping outside, struck by the beauty and wonder of His creation. The leaves could just fall off the trees, but they don't. They reveal such amazing colors~~golds, oranges, reds. I am in awe. Growing up in Arizona, Autumn meant nothing as saguaros don't change colors.

What a contrast to Colorado! Beauty everywhere and lasting so long this year. I am grateful. Grateful for time to just enjoy the outdoors with my boys.

I am grateful for how He has provided so much for our family. All the canning has been a lot of work, but how blessed we are to have an abundance of food~food to enjoy now and to put up for later.
I am grateful for friendships. I've finally made some good friends after living here so long. My home was filled last week with the ladies from my Bunco group. The game itself, I could do without, but the friendships are invaluable. It's so nice to have women who care close by.
I was doubly blessed with friends last week. The Bunco ladies were over Tuesday night and Joanne came over for lunch on Wednesday. She is wonderful. I do wish we lived closer as we are on opposite ends of Denver. She brought over the most beautiful mums, football mums she said, in creme and taupe. They are still blooming and brightening our home.
I also got to visit with Janna on the phone on Thursday. I happened to be just down the road from her when she called me. She invited me to stop by. If we weren't just pulling into the grocery store parking lot and needing to shop and get home for lunch and naps I would have gladly stopped. That's a good friend whose just says come by with no notice!
I am so grateful for my Mom who loves me and my family. She had Date Night with the boys so Sweetheart and I could go out for a few hours together last night.
I am grateful to live in this great country that allows us to have some say in how we are governed. We may not always agree with each other on who should be in charge, but just think of how many others in this world have no choice. I am grateful for the privilege to vote.
I am grateful to have eyes to see, and ears to hear. Eyes to see the smiles, the flowers, the leaves, the beauty of it all. Ears to hear music, praise to Him, laughter, sharing, birds, talking, the joy in it all.
Thank You for opening the eyes of my heart as well. As I pause to give thanks, my heart grows with love. Amazing.


Janna said...

It was great catching up with you!

Teri in CO said...

Such blessings! All of them! I tagged you... don't know if you like to participate in those kinda things or not... just thought I'd let you know!


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