Thursday, March 27, 2008

quiet morning

sitting on the back step
enjoying the sweet tartness of the pineapple
praying without words
the cold seeping through me
quickly evaporating the warmth


trying to focus on the sounds of God
ignoring the sounds of mans' machines

hearing, not just the sounds of the birds
calling to one another,
but being close enough and quiet enough to
hear their wings as they beat the morning sky

it is a gray morning, cold
the breeze is more than brisk as i sit
wearing clothes still damp from exercise
still breathing

the planes pass
the train glides on
the trucks drive on

i stand
the robin scolds me for
entering his garden
i smile
noting the promises of green
poking their way up through the soil

trying to ignore the time
trying to ignore the chill
absorbing the cold
knowing i am here
fully here

my mind is tugging
pulling at the threads of a thousand thoughts
life unravels

feeling the disarray
not scared
looking at the strings
one by one
the knots
the tangles

at peace
knowing He will
weave my life into a tapestry of praise

i pause and thank Him for these things

it is time to go back in
pour my coffee
be with my boys
smile His love

"in His presence is fullness of joy"


Susan said...

I loved this Kimberly. I could feel the peace and joy wash over me as I read it.

Thank you for your take on life:beautiful. I had not seen the publication. I think I might pick a copy up and check it out, too. I am also trying to simplify...and figuring out what that means, exactly.

I made "your" french bread recipe on Thursday and I just have to say that...I never knew I liked to make bread! And I loved the entire process of it. I am so thankful I threw away my bread machine last year. And even more thankful that I tried this recipe. THis morning, I made french toast with the few remaining pieces and my kids are hollering for more! I will be making more bread this weekend.

Thank you Kimberly!


Susan said...

Oh, Kimberly. Please don't stop writing! I apologize for not commenting sooner, but I do visit you regularly and will be sure to comment regularly from now on! I love your writings and the quiet, sweet voice I hear in your blogging. And're a friend of Joanne's (The Simple Wife) so you HAVE to be amazing!

Taking a break is always a good thing. Helps to bring perspective back. Keeping you in my prayers today.



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