Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Only Four More Days!

Sweetheart and I have reservations for Tea Saturday afternoon. Can you tell I am excited? We've tried several times over the years to get to The Brown Palace for Tea for special occasions, but have never succeeded. I called in January this year and booked my Birthday Tea and Christmas Tea.

Since I don't need any "thing" I'd rather spend the money and effort on a wonderful memory. Of course, I did order a couple of books I'd been eyeing for awhile the other day, but books don't count, do they? :)


tonia said...

sounds lovely...

and i'm convinced that book $$$ should not count as actual money spent. ;)

enjoy your day!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

That's what I tell my husband when spend money at a book that was not budgeted. :)

That tea looks like it will be wonderful!

Mrs. Bonnie said...

Books are a neccesity. Happy Birthday? I thought it was coming up, and it seems to me that I remember it being in March,but I'm not certain.
So if it is, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Katie said...

Oh, that sounds perfect! I hope you have a very happy and memorable birthday! Enjoy your tea!

Shan said...

Ohhhh....the Brown Palace! I too have wanted to have tea at the Brown, but alas I never make a reservation in in time. I see I will have to make it very early as you recommend.

Books NEVER count! Just ask my Dearest, who is crazy about books and devours them like they were M & M's!

I am sure it will be a day for making memories!!!

Honey Hill Farm

Anonymous said...

I'm excited you get to go for tea for your birthday. Your niece follows in your footsteps of counting down to birthdays...of course hers isn't until JUNE, but that doesn't stop her! :-) We're doing well. Unpacking and trying to get back to "normal" whatever that is! I'll call you back. Love you.

Kate said...

How exciting!

Books don't count!


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