Sunday, March 09, 2008


Oh, how my heart longs for Spring's first flowers! How I wish that I would get some bulbs in this year for next year's Spring. I've just spent the last hour or so working outside.

I need some new gloves. I managed to wear a hole in my last pair. I just tossed them into the trash pile with the weeds. You know, I just wrote those lines and stopped. Why am I throwing them out just because one finger is worn through? I'm going to go grab them, wash them and mend them.

Ok, I'm back. The gloves are washed and hanging on my indoor line to dry. I'll mend them once they are dry. Turns out I've worn through two fingers after all.

I really like the gloves. They are comfortable and perfect for light work like today's. They have a cuff on them which helps to keep the dirt and plant parts for falling into them. They are just a cheap pair, but they have cheerful little pansy faces on them and have worked well for a couple of years.

Isn't it kind of sad that my first response was to just toss them out? So much of what we have these days is disposable, so I hardly even think about it. Imagine though, just a few generations ago, it would have been unthinkable. Of course you'd just mend the hole. (Chances are ladies back then would have kept up on things like that and mended it before it wore clear through.)

I'd rather put the money towards more seeds for this year instead of gloves. I sat down yesterday and listed a bunch of things I'm hoping to grow this year. Some I have seeds saved from past years and some I'll need to go buy.

I am amazed at the strawberry plants. After I unearthed them from the weeds, I found a ton of little plants and runners. As it is still too early to plant things here in Colorado, I covered them with a layer of straw for another month or so.

I'd like to plan out the garden, but I don't know how much we'll be able to do this year. Last year, I was too pregnant most of the time to work out there, but I am excited to get going and growing this year. We had a plan years ago, but never progressed too far. We always seemed to be either short money or time or both. We'll see what this year brings.

Hopefully, I'll get lots of veggies growing and some trees and vines in this year. I'm dreaming of a yard filled with fruits and flowers, butterflies and birds. Of course, I'd prefer the birds not eat the fruit, but we'll see what happens.

Well, I think I've rambled on enough for now. I'll probably look through the Sunflower Houses book a bit more. It really is neat.
Here is an excerpt from the book. Enjoy!


Mary Isabella said...

I want Spring too !!!..... Smiles

Kelli said...

That is such a wonderful book and the book you saw on my coffee table I found at the used book store this weekend! I love it!
Can you tell me what I should do with my strawberry runners? I have quite a few of them.


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