Friday, February 08, 2008

Food Storage

As we've been transitioning to a simpler lifestyle I've been changing how I shop for groceries. While I still am making runs to Target for mostly sundries and diapers, lots of diapers, I've also been buying more pantry food in bulk. I love it because it is sooo much cheaper, but I don't like having a million bags of things slumping around in the cupboards.

I've been storing a lot of little things in random glass jars that I've saved, but I've been known to forget what is in which jar. (Please tell me I'm not the only one!) This was also a problem for me with the bags.

While on the Farm Chicks site I read their great solution for labeling the jars. This is so perfect for me because I don't always reuse the same jars for the same things and writing on the lids and scratching them out isn't the best plan, but it looks awful. Their solution? Stick on labels made from contact paper. It's easy, cheap, and they peel right off. How great is that!

After I'd read about this idea I remembered some contact paper that I had seen a few weeks before at Target that I'd loved. I almost bought it then because it matched my dishes, but I set it back because I knew I didn't need it. Our cupboards are fine and don't need to be lined. I was so happy though to discover the same contact paper on the clearance aisle a few weeks later when I was hoping to find it for the labels and now, it was half price. Woohoo!

Here's another way to do it with fabric or wallpaper. These are really cute, but would take more time. I'm happy with just the pretty contact paper.

I have picked up a few nice glass jars. I'd love to get a ton of them and replace all my mismatched stuff, but it's not necessary. I figure I can pick up a couple every once in awhile over time and be just fine. I love these big glass jars because they hold a five pound bag of sugar or flour, unlike my old cannisters that only hold about three-fourths of a bag and then I'm stuck with a partially filled bag lying around.

These are also great because I can tell what I'm getting low on with just a glance instead of trying to remember what I've got in the ceramic cannisters. Not to mention trying to remember which cannister is holding the bread flour versus the regular wheat flour. And we all know that my memory isn't what it used to be!

Maybe someday I'll work up to a pantry like Shan's. Hers is beautiful! Go take a look.

Have a wonderful day! Do something loving and kind for the next person you see, even if it's just a smile. It may just make their day, and it can't hurt yours!

Now, what to do about those diapers....

PS~Thank you everyone for your suggestions about the sewing machine. I finished that pillow by hand, but will hopefully get some time this weekend to try and troubleshoot the machine. You all are so sweet!

***Added~ Just found a mystery jar in the pantry. No clue as to what it contains. Couscous, maybe?

The glass jars come in a bunch of sizes. I've bought them at both Walmart & Target. Of course, Target was out of them completely last night. They were also out of ginger, vinegar, bouillion, and barley cereal. Good thing they had diapers!


Teri H said...

I love the way these look! I'll be snatching this idea soon!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and "visiting"!

Tracey said...

I too am guilty of putting things in jars and not remembering what is in there! I will be cranking out a few of these cuties today!

Unknown said...

Fabulous idea! I wonder where you bought the large glass jars. I love this and am going to attempt to create some of these this weekend!

Unknown said...

Please have a look at my blog entry today. I'd really love any suggestions you might have. Thank you!

Shan said...


I love the idea of the contact paper labels - will have to give that a try. I just love my pantry and enjoy collecting the old jars for storage. Thank you for thinking of me and putting a link on your blog. How kind!

Hope you have a very wonderful day and I think of you often,

Your friend,

Anonymous said...

No you aren't the only one who's forgotten - ask my family about the time I accidentally substituted baking soda for the cornstarch in cobbler filling. ICK!

I love this idea and am a fan of those squarish jars. I think this will be my new set of canisters! Love being able to see the contents.

Anonymous said...

You should check out for diapers - they have the best prices I've found on Huggies and they will deliver them to you for free on a recurring basis (Subscribe and Save) - I'm saving money and don't have to make a trip to the store! So cool!

Anonymous said...

Great suggestions. And thanks for the links to the other sites -- sigh, one day I might get my act together!

Anonymous said...

I am so fortunate that I have a husband who loves those large dill pickles. Those gallon jars are excellent for storage. I spray paint the lids and have crudely labeled them with masking tapes. Not anymore, thanks to you. I probably have 18 so had better get busy. Love your blogl "Like Merchant Ships" recommended you. Judy

Cherish the Home said...

I have those very same canisters! I love them. (o:

I'm here from 'Like Merchant's Ships'.

I love the picture of your Abner. He is so cute and sweet looking. (o:


Heather Anne said...

I love these jars and shopping in bulk too - and this is a great idea for labeling - mine are falling off or getting wet - so I'll be looking for contact paper when I go shopping next time! Thanks for the tip!

Katie said...

How lovely! What a good tip to buy in bulk and store the rest like this...I'm tempted to start doing that now. I love to use baskets, crates, jars, etc. in my pantry as just makes me smile. Your labels looks very good, paper, who'd have thought?

Anonymous said...

I jumped over to your blog from Julianne's blog.

I recently have transitioned to glass jars for storage and glass for water bottles too.

I will definately be using your idea for labels. I was wondering how I was going to go about it

I love your blog , its so very cute.


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