Saturday, October 06, 2007


B- The Brown Palace- is one of the nicest places in Denver to go to tea. I've been there once with my mom. We had a wonderful time. I'd love to go there at Christmas, but have never been able to get a reservation as it books up so far in advance. It's supposed to be incredible with all the hotel Christmas decorations. Someday...

B-Bergamont- Bergamont is a Mediterrean citrus fruit. It is the oil of bergamont that gives Earl Grey tea its distinctive flavor and scent. It is a light fragrance that is noticeable both before and after the tea is brewed. There are even perfumes that contain bergamont in them.

B-Bodum- Bodum makes my favorite, all-purpose tea pot. It's not as pretty as my fancier ceramic pots, but its built-in infuser is the best. Now you can brew tea and stop it from steeping without removing the leaves or decanting the tea into another pot. Ours is an older version that has a regular spout on it, but these pots work as well.

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Jodi said...

Oh, I love your ABC's of Tea! That would make a cute ebook idea! :o)

The Brown Palace looks wonderful! I daresay a Christmas Tea there would be quite special. No wonder it books up so quickly.


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