Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Ever since Joanne started her ABC meme on her life, I've been thinking of doing my own version. So now it begins, but instead of things on my life I've chosen to do the ABCs of Tea. Besides, this will help keep everything on this blog from revolving around babies as life seems to do these days...
A-Anna Duchess of Bedford: This is the woman credited with starting Afternoon Tea as we know it. During her life, it was tradition to have a long time between lunch and dinner. She began to experience a "sinking feeling" in the afternoons and began to ask for a snack to be served to her in the afternoons with a cup of tea. Soon, she began inviting her friends to join her and launched an activity still immensely popular today!
While we may not stop for Tea Time each afternoon here in America (though I wish we did!) I know that most of us enjoy a little afternoon break usually involving food and drink. Why not make yourself a pot of tea and take a few extra moments to make your snack pretty? What a nice change it would be! A quick and simple Tea Time would make a wonderful after school-time break. With just a little thought and planning you could create a wonderful new family tradition whether your kids go off to school, or have school at home.
Why not try it one day this week or next? Keep it simple! Maybe PBJ sandwiches with the crusts cut off and some cut up fruit would work. Serve them with tea, if your kids like tea, or just some lemonade or juice. Use teacups if you've got them. Don't just leave them sitting in a cupboard somewhere collecting dust!
A-Afternoon Tea
Afternoon Tea is the time for all the pretty, dainty foods we associate with a tea party. It is not proper to refer to that as a High Tea. A High Tea is simply dinner, not a fancy event.
A- Assam Tea
Assam Tea is a black tea grown in Assam, India. It is very popular and has a clean, brisk flavor that holds up well with savory foods. It is often used in Breakfast Tea blends like Irish Breakfast and English Breakfast teas.
A- Ashby's
Ashby's is a wonderful brand of teas sold here and in England. We buy their Earl Grey in bulk on-line and consider this our "everyday tea". I also love their Ginger Peach tea.

Isn't the poster at the top pretty? It's "Afternoon Tea" by the artist Clement Micarelli. I found it at Allposters.com. Wouldn't it be pretty up in the dining room next to part of my teacup collection? Sigh.


Sandpiper said...

I'm so glad Victoria is getting published again! And the pictures of your new baby are so sweet.

Mary Isabella said...

I love tea of all flavors. Come by Daisy Bouquet and see what is new. Thanks for a lovely visit. Mary

Anonymous said...

I just added this picture to my wish list at art.com. They have 3 different sizes, all affordable. They often have free shipping deals. I wait until then before placing an order.
I love this picture-thanks for posting it.

regina barnett said...



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