Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Blogging is sporadic right now, I know. The baby's schedule (??!) is such that I'm not sure when I'll have two minutes together and when I do, I try to sleep. Apparently, my sleeping is his signal to wake up and cry. *sigh* Sleep deprivation and adjusting hormones are a really cruel combination, aren't they?

Also, working at my desk is still pretty uncomfortable these days. I'm thinking of trying to set up the laptop in our room, but there's no internet in there so I'm not sure it would help. (I already have several posts written on the laptop from probably two months ago that I've yet to get on my regular computer and post!)

I'm sure that we'll get more on track as time goes on. Being out of my routine is challenging for me. I really like knowing what to expect and being able to plan. Not too possible right now, and I'm probably trying to rush the whole idea anyway.

Why is it so hard for me to go with the flow? Sweetheart is taking such great care of us, but I really want to be up and helping more. I know I should just be enjoying this time, as it ends on Monday, but it is so hard for me to do. I like being the one to take care of everyone else, not to be waited on. I am so grateful that he has been able to be home to help.

I confess to being scared of what happens when it's all up to me to care for both of the boys by myself. How do you care for both of them at once when one is so on the go and the other just wants to eat (and cry) all day and night? I know, all you other mommies out there have done it. I am really open to your ideas and suggestions.

Well, I'll sign off now and try to lay down for a few minutes while I can. Have a blessed day!


Mimi said...

Hind sight always makes it sound easier than it was... all I can say is rest rest rest every chance you get... and don't be afraid to let a few things go... the house will be there when you feel like cleaning it... and lite meals never killed anyone... good luck with the little ones!!!

Tanya said...

Prioritize! #1 - sleep, #2 - food, #3 bathing. Anything after that is a bonus!

Congratulations! I found your blog from another one I was reading. You'll do just fine.

Anonymous said...

My first were 17 months apart. I can't remember now how I managed. I never used a swaddling cloth type-of-thing that is so popular nowadays but I would recommend giving that some thought. Alot of moms carry their babies either in front of them or on their backs.
With my girls who were born several years later (one at a time, not twins) I used a swing with great success. I also used a "bouncy chair" starting with my first born. They all layed in that quite often on the kitchen counter.
Other than these memories, I don't have any advice. I just got through it somehow.
I wish I could be more help!

Kelli said...

Kimberly, Grace and Emily were 16 months apart and Emily cried a lot as a baby. One thing I trained Grace to do was to stay in the room that I was in, that way she wasn't running all over the house where I couldn't see her. Also, I had a box of special toys and books that I got out while I nursed Emily. I would rotate them when she lost interest. We went through a lot of Veggie Tale videos too. :0)

Mrs. Bonnie said...

You'll do just fine hon.
Everybody asked me how I managed With 2 little ones ( mine are 2 years and 1 day apart), and quite honestly I never really thought about it, I just "did it". Yes, there are some things I had to think through first, say if it was leaving the house, or making dinner. Otherwise, I would do my cleaning, etc. while he was napping( Audrey loved helping with this, maybe try it with Pumpkin?), read or play with Audrey while he was nursing(not all the time, sometimes she was happy playing herself), and catch up on anything else if they were both napping.
Would baby gates help to keep Pumpkin contained to one room?, or would he play in his crib so you can get a shower?
I found Audrey loved "helping" me with whatever I was doing, and that kept her close by and out of most trouble.
I'll be praying that things go smoothly, and you'll be able to re-adjust to having very little routine at first. I'm very much like you and need to be able to plan!

Anonymous said...

I have 2 girls that are 17 months apart and have to say that the baby sling and baby gates were my biggest helps. We had the baby gates up until our youngest was about 2. At times I would still love to use them :-) but they weren't really effective anymore since the girls figured out how to drag a chair to the gate and climb over. :-D
My youngest was a pretty demanding baby who wanted to be held all the time. In fact, I slept more nights sitting up in a chair holding her than I did in our bed for the first 18 months of her life.
The main thing to remember is that you've just gone through a major change in your life-don't expect things to return to normal in just a few weeks. I'm sure you'll adjust just fine-you need to not be hard on yourself or set your expectations to high. Remember that those first few months are just a brief period of their lives and that it doesn't do any of you any good to be getting worked up over things that won't matter in the big picture.
I'll be praying for peace for you and that baby will be able to normalize his sleep and eat patterns.
Take Care!


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