Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Yesterday I took Pumpkin swimming for the first time. I'd visited one or two of the pools in the area a few years ago, but they weren't very nice and didn't seem too clean. I didn't know the one we visited even existed until we were invited to join in the fun with some friends.

We had so much fun! Pumpkin LOVED it. I just tried to ignore the fact I was in a swimsuit 81/2 months pregnant...Ugh.

He floated around the baby pool in a tube, played with the balls and toys and generally had a blast. I sat in there with him and had all the kiddos surround me chatting away. It was fun. It was only later that I realized why I was probably the only adult in the baby pool. (No noticeable accidents, but still...)

At one point I took him into the big pool and we just floated around together. We laughed and kicked and played. It was so much fun. It was really funny at one point when a big duck flew overhead and decided to land in the pool. She swam around for a few minutes and Pumpkin quacked at her. She eventually flew off into the area with all the grass and trees. All in all, it was a lovely time. I just wish I'd thought to take my camera.

* I've not posted much recently as I've been battleling with keyboards and other technical difficulties. Also, I was given a Reflective Blogger Award last week from Brenda at Coffee, Tea, Books and Me and it's really had me reflecting on blogging in general and what I want it to be. I wrote a lot this weekend on the laptop and will try to transfer and post it to this computer in the next day or two. Blessings to you all!

**The picture above is of Pumpkin cruising up the stairs with Daddy standing on the steps below him to make sure he doesn't fall. He just discovered them last week and is racing up them already. Now, we just have to work on the going down part. Man, is he fast!

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