Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Good Morning!


I happened upon Jewel's blog, "Eyes of Wonder"via a link from Brenda's blog, "Coffee, Tea, Books & Me"recently where Brenda highlighted Jewel's journals. Amazing. Now, I stop in and visit Jewel's world regularly.

The other day she had a post on quiches and asked people to comment on their own. I was up early enough this morning to exercise and make a quiche. As it was baking, I had my cup of tea and read my devotions. What a nice morning!

I liked how Jewel's described assembling her quiches. Of course, her quantities are much larger as her family is much larger! I really measure anything myself, unless I'm baking, so I just rummaged through the fridge for ingredients and adjusted accordingly. It all went to together quickly, especially without worrying about a crust. I love quiches, but rarely make them unless it's for company since Sweetheart always eats the same. exact. thing. for. breakfast.everyday. Simply skipping the crust made it a lot faster to assemble and bake, and since most of the fat is in the crust, it's healthier, too.

I mixed five eggs with 1/2 cup of half and half and a half a cup of milk. Then I sautéed about a teaspoon of onion with a handful of spinach leaves and two diced mushrooms. I remembered I had bacon, so I microwaved two slices of that and added it to the veggies. I then spread the veggies and bacon around in my greased pie plate and poured on the egg mix. I topped it with swiss and cheddar cheeses and some spices, then popped it into the oven at 365 degrees for about 25-30 minutes. I stuck a fork in it and it came out clean, so I decided it was done.

During Baking

I served myself a slice with some cinnamon bread I made the other day, and gave Pumpkin a sliver to try. Surprisingly, he didn't like it even though he likes everything that was in it. He ate just a few bites and let me finish it off for him. Trust me, it didn't go to waste. Oh, how I wish you could pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of tea, and join me!

Yum! It's finished! Time to eat!


Kelli said...

Oh, that looks so yummy! Quiche is one of my favorite foods, I would love to join you for a slice!!
I am really enjoying Jewel's blog too!

Anonymous said...

My, that looks delish! I'm hungry!
joanna said...

Dearest ((Kimberly)) thanks a million for sharing--it was very sweet of you. I was so excited to get your note. It looks delicious. *When I come* to Colorado, we'll have your quiche--okay :o)You have a wonderful evening, dear, lovely friend.
Warmly, Jewels

Jodi said...

I found Jewels site recently myself. It is indeed lovely.

Your quiche looks absolutely delicious!

Heather said...

Ummm! this looks yummy! My kids like very basic quiche - no onions allowed! I whip up my eggs and milk in the blender with about 2/3 cup of bisquick (homemmade) and when it bakes it forms it's own crust - we call it cheddar bacon pie or ham and cheddar pie - great for breakfast with a muffin or lunch with a salad!

Lisa said...

Yumm, love your blog by the way...stumbled upon it from your comments on Rhonda's blog :) Had to look up what half and half is (being an aussie) but your recipe looks simple and yum!


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