Thursday, April 26, 2007

Zoo Day

Our regular Mops Leadership Meeting was canceled today, so another Mom and her three sons invited Pumpkin and I to go to the Denver Zoo with them. I haven't been to a zoo since 1990, so I was excited to go. (Pumpkin's always excited to go anywhere.)
I could tell the moment Pumpkin actually noticed the lion. He barked. Anything with four legs is a dog to him. Woof! This was apparently a dog in need of a haircut and shave. He also saw striped dogs and dogs with really long necks.
After lunch I put a chocolate chip cookie in his snack holder to enjoy as we rolled around. It looks like he really enjoyed it!

Apparently, it was a popular field trip destination today. It was so crowded! The weather was nice, which after snow and rain on Tuesday was a nice break.
We wandered around for a few hours, saw some really neat animals and had a wonderful time. We probably only walked through a third of the zoo, so we'll have to start on the other side on our next visit.

Our friends stayed and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon while Pumpkin and I came home for our naps. I'm looking forward to adding to the Zoo Unit ideas as I think of things based on what we saw today. I think an ABC book or list would be fun...


Kelli said...

Oh, pumpkin is such a cutie, Kimberly! I love how he barked at the lion! It looks like you all had a fun day!

Kimberly said...

We did. Notice how tired he looks in the last picture.
"Can we go home, Mommy?"
He is a funny little guy.

Jodi said...

Awesome lion photo, Kimberly ~ great shot! And love that little cookie face ~ ;o) chocolate chip is my favorite, too, lol!

Melissa said...

What a cute little boy!


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