Sunday, September 15, 2013

this is 3


Kisses for you.

 She wanted a Pink Party.  I asked her what that was. 
"I want a pink cake with pink frosting and pink ice cream.  I want pink presents."
I can do that.

She decided she needed to sample that pink frosting immediately.  And was it ever pink!  

Wearing the necklace Grandma Gail made her opening pink Legos from Grandma Eileen and Grandpa.

A pink bunny for she loves bunnies.

The brothers helping her play Legos on her playmat I made her.  Thanks to Bonnie for the idea!  The boys play with the one you made them still and she was always pretending to pick the flowers off it.  So I made her one with lots of flowers and hearts and butterflies, trees, rocks, water, a stream, and even a little felt bunny.

I filled the dining room with flowers and hung the bunting.  We're ready to party!

The birds and words were something my Grandma used when my Dad was little.  There are blue birds as well, but Cupcake asked for the pink ones.

Thank you Grandma Eileen for the pink plates and napkins.  They were a hit.

She really liked the frosting.

Dumpling didn't think it was too bad either.


Bonnie said...

She is so cute Kimberly!
Love those sweet little Shirley Temple dimples (that's what I call them anyway), and how she just couldn't stop poking her cake : )
Happy birthday to both Cupcake and Dumpling! (and oh my, weren't we just tandem pregnant with them a few weeks ago? Me with Biscuit, you with Dumpling, me with Beans, you with Cupcake... Sigh.)

Unknown said...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! So cute with that smile. I LOVE the PINK cake and I think she does too.

Charlotte Moore

Bonnie K said...

Wow, birthdays everywhere. I love cupcake's cake. It is so elegant. I love the Hulk gift for dumpling. Thanks for sharing.


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