Saturday, September 14, 2013

And Now He's Six

 What can I say about this boy?  He is amazing. 
He is so full of life, of love.  It makes me teary just to try and write these words.
He is a delight from the moment he awakens till he finally gives in to the struggle and falls asleep.
He doesn't want to miss a thing.
He right there to help when asked.
He always has a kiss and a hug.
He'll happily snuggle forever if he can find someone else willing to sit that long.
And yet, he loves his trucks, helping Daddy, Legos, and dirt.  Lots of dirt.
He's fascinated by how things work and happiest when he can just be free to play.
He's intensely curious, but being quieter than most other members of the family, not everyone sees it.
Well, not really quieter in that he's usually making the sounds of whatever truck he's playing with, but he doesn't talk as much.  Sometimes I think his lips will just vibrate right off.
He's such a little flirt as well.  Always picking flowers to give to any female. 
And that grin?  It'll melt your heart.
Especially when he does that thing with his eyes and eyebrows.
He's hilariously funny, too.
He is simply...wonderful.

Diving into his cake.

On the phone with the family far away.

Opening his Hulk gift. 

They hands went on and the fists began to fly.  Too bad the pictures all were blurry.

Everyone took their turns with this gift.

Or tried to.

There were also lots of Legos.

Everyone helping him build.

I love this boy.


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

These are the BEST years with little boys.

When I think of my son's growing up years, it was between about ages six and twelve that we had the most fun.

I just can't believe how fast your kids are growing up!

Unknown said...

Sweet!!! Cute little man there.


Charlotte Moore

BaileyZimmerman said...

What a dreamy little guy!!!

K said...

He'll make some gal a great husband!


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