Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mothers Day

I have been blessed with the most wonderful Mother.  Wish I was spending the day celebrating with her.  I miss her.  It is funny that Sweetheart is with her today and I am here alone with the kiddos.  Holidays seem to work out sort of wonky for us.  And that's just fine.  Too many expectations simply lead to disappointments and we have so much fun celebrating the ordinary days that it really works out fine.

I am excited though that I will see my Mom later this week as she is flying out to visit.  We've all missed her so much!  It'll be nice to just hang out and show her our new world.

My heart is heavy today, not for my being alone here with the kids though.  Because I see the blessing in just being able to be a Mother.  It's hard work, don't get me wrong, and I don't think I'd do too well as a single mom or a military mom at all.  But it's not that.

It's my heart aching for dear friends who have tried and lost and been unable for whatever reason, and for no known reason, to have the children they desire.  While I am blessed with all my crazy littles running around, and I do know the loss of one born to heaven, I've been able to have these dear ones. 
 But I want to laugh and take silly pictures of my dear friend's belly swollen-with-life, as I wish it was.  Not emptied for the third time of life at the same point of the pregnancy.  She is grieving, I know.  I think of my friend, blessed with one, and she is a blessing, but years have passed since then and there has just been more loss.  For other friends, losing loved little ones at all stages of pregnancy.  And I can't even imagine the suffering of those who little loves die so young.  

We have the hope of heaven, my dear friends and I.  Don't know how one survives without that.

So in the midst of flowers and brunches, and breakfasts in bed, enjoy the day.  Enjoy it all!  Enjoy it even if everyone has forgotten what day it is.  And say a prayer for all those Mothers whose arms are empty.


eyelandgirl said...

Kimberly, I have been quietly enjoying your blog for a long time, sorry I have not posted my appreciation! But I am having a lot of trouble since you changed your font- it's pretty but hard to read for me. Don't know if anyone else has said anything, and perhaps its fine for others. Keep up the good work-is it just me?

Kimberly said...

I've wondered about it, too. You're the first to mention it. Anyone else???

Vicki in UT said...

I agree, very pretty but harder to read.

hadashi said...

thank you my dear friend. beautiful & heartfelt. and i'm so glad that your Mom is coming out for a visit!


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