Monday, May 09, 2011


Our Pond
I've got a few questions for you all.

I changed the font awhile back.  I think it is pretty, but I agree that it is harder to read.  I enlarged the font size and darkened it just now.  Does that help?  Should I just switch it back to the plain font?  I am hoping the changes work.

Also, I became an Amazon Affiliate when we moved to Idaho as Colorado residents are not allowed due to state tax regulations.  I have been approved to join another affiliate program as well.  Here's the issue at hand.  I am looking for ways to add to our income as Sweetheart does not have a regular job now.  Every little bit helps.  I would be in control, I believe, about what ads and how many may appear in the side bar.  I don't want to become and endless commercial, nor do I want to drive away readers.  What are your thoughts?

And finally, what are you interested in reading about?  I think this place is pretty random.  It mirrors me, I know.  Life had changed a lot since I started blogging over four years ago.  Should I just keep on keeping on, writing about whatever strikes my fancy when I have ten free minutes?  Are you interested in more about the farm, what I'm chasing this day, how many eggs we've gotten (4!!!), what we're planting????  Are you  interested in more simple living things, making stuff from scratch, homemade herbal goodies and cleaners?????  Pictures of my adorable kids, updates on the kiddos, (Cupcake is rolling everywhere all the time!) silly things they say and do, (Remind me to show you the Lego Limited Edition Wives & Daughters Collection that Pumpkin built.) ????  Tea things?????

Just curious.  Thanks for any feedback you give me.


Bonnie said...

I like your random posts, I think you get to know a person better that way, and yes, I am interested in all things mentioned.

I like the font.

If you decide to advertise, I won't be driven away.

Your pond is so much prettier than our usable-land-hogging-muckhole!

eyelandgirl said...

Thanks for the larger font! I agree it is pretty, just a little too small before for these old eyes.

I won't be annoyed if you need to advertise. Almost everyone does these days.

I have been reading your blog for years now, and I've always enjoyed your "random" posts. I agree with Bonnie, I like all the things you mentioned.You post on a good variety of topics. Keep up the good work!


Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

I think the font is pretty...but still find it hard to read. Even when it's larger. I am aware of my having to decipher the words rather than being aware of what you are writing about. And I want to be aware of your writing! lol!

Advertising is fine...and can be done in a way that's not too distracting or what you gotta do!

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

I just looked at your blog layout again...and I have to say I like the fancy font in the sidebar...for Search and Followers, etc. Maybe you could just change back to an easier to read font for the posts?

JoannaTopazT said...

I agree that the font is pretty in the sidebar, but hard to read in the posts. Your header is so pretty, that it makes your whole blog look lovely without needing to fancy up the font in the posts.

I'm finding your farm posts fascinating, and would love to read more about tea as well, but I also like the randomness -- I don't think every blog needs to restrict itself to only one small niche.

And the advertising would be fine with me. I'd love to see your Amazon recommendations as well.

Vicki in UT said...

I think the changes to the font helped some.
Advertizing is fine, it doesn't bother me.
My favorite posts are the homemade, self reliant type posts, but the others are fine, too.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through your Aunt Bailey and enjoy seeing your photos and reading your ramblings about life in Idaho. Thanks for enlarging the font, (I thought it was just me having trouble) but even larger and darker or returning the old font would make it more legible. As long as you are enjoying your blog do what feels right... Cindy in Columbus

Faye Henry said...

Good Morning.. I don't think I have commented before although I have your blog on my dashborard favs which only include 3 others.. I noticed that for some reason I am not a follower which I will do. I find fonts hard to read unless they are large and plain..
There are many good writers out there but you can't read their words when you get my age.. smile..
Also.. I love just home basic stuff about a bloggers day and that is why I love yours...Info like recipes and how tos are so much fun...
An advertisement or two does not hurt .. It is just when I come to a blog that is covered in them I just skip out of there...
You need to do what is right for you..
I answered your questions because I would want the same input..
Thank you for blogging and blessings...

Lora said...

This is my first time her, and i leaned my tired Mama eyes close, squinted, and made an extra strong commitment to read this post no matter how tough it was to see in this font. :) Sorry. Just giving you some honest feed back.

As for adding adds to monetize your site, that has never bothered me about someone's space. It's fun to see cool other sites and products near and dear to a bloggers heart.

If you'd like another awesome money making/saving lifestyle tip check out my blog here:

Scroll past the giveaway (your certainly welcome to enter) and look for the posts about couponing. I have saved nearly $400 in four weeks!!! It takes me about 3-4 hours a week, and it is SO much fun!

Also, your topics. I love to read where God is moving people. What He's teaching and how He's loving in places often missed or ignored.
I pray about each of my blogs, what to write and how to serve through them. Sometimes it's giveaways, or sharing about gardening, couponing, encouragement to life fully... sometimes it's painful and honest and ugly, like my post about my pour parenting. :)

Thank you for your kind words in that tender place.

Whatever you decide about font, extra money at home, or topics on your site, I'll be back. These relationships and connections are so beautiful and precious.

So nice to "meet" you.
Have a Blessed week!

In Him,

Anonymous said...

I prefer the plain font. It's easier for my over 50 eyes to read. But I agree with an earlier poster that you could put the fancy font on the sides. As far as advertising, I don't mind, except that I don't like it between paragraphs of the post. You could keep it on the sides. Love the random posts and love reading about your children. Would you ever consider putting a list of blogs that you like/recommend on the side? You had done that several years ago. I wished I had copied some of them down.

Rayanne said...

Well...I'm here for the first time because you came by yesterday to visit me. So stopping in the visit you, I don't know what your blog looked like before, but it's pretty! I like the font, but really, I say...It's your blog. I have found that when I do my own thing, I get more comments. I encourage you to do your thing!!! I'm following along.

P.S. I have those "Anne of Green Gables" books too...the old ones!!
I think we like a lot of the same things!!

Anonymous said...

I like the font now that it has been enlarged and darkened. I don't mind at all if a blogger has an Amazon Affiliate account or Etsy site. That being said I tend to shy away from blogs that have become very "commercial" rather than personal. And I like your post topics just as they are :-)

Anonymous said...

Bottom line is: we like you, we really, really like you.

dw said...

I think the plain font is much easier to read.
I don't would not mind advertising, most all of the larger blogs have it and I am use to it as long as it is in the side bars.
I also like your random posts.

Rose said...

I like random best doesn't get boring that way. I like a few pics...but not so loaded down the page takes forever to load. I know that has to do with the speed of our service, and though I have dsl, some blogs I would really love are such a pain I just don't visit them.

I tend to have days where I don't get much blogging done, but usually try to catch up.

BaileyZimmerman said...

Mssss K,
Love your ramblings and the way you mix it up!!
I like the diversity!!

I don't mind the script font....actually I liked it....but I understand that some people were having trouble reading it.
Love your you know I'm a visual freak!

Love you honey,

BaileyZimmerman said... advertising.
Doesn't bother me....I can tune it Bet the advertisers love to hear that!!


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