Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Treasure Hunting

Sweetheart, Pumpkin and I have been treasure hunting lately on the weekends. I've had a little bit of "mad money" to play with and so I've picked up a few little things...

The McCall's Magazines are from the 1920's and have such fun pictures and articles. I'll be posting some of them soon, I hope.

The gravy boat, blue scoop, and pretty doilies were just $2-4 dollars, so I couldn't resist~ especially as my favorite color is blue. The little gravy boat is on the credenza now with some of my blue and white china. The scoop is in the sugar cannister and the doilies are still looking for a home.

Having removed most of the breakables to keep them out of Pumpkin's ever-growing reach, I may not have anything to place on them for awhile. That's ok.
This book from the 1860's is quite a find. The pictures I took of the engravings inside didn't turn out, but I'll try again later. It's in such great shape filled with wonderful stories, poems, and pictures. I found a similar Children's Nursery Book this last weekend that Sweetheart will scan for me. It has such wonderful pictures as well. I think they'll both fill the kids' room with fun!

On Saturday, the three of us ventured off to the Paris Street Market. There we ran into Joanne and her husband, Toben. We even got to meet her daughters and her father. What a fun visit! She gave me the cutest little onesie for the new baby with an adorable diaper pin design she embroidered on it. She is so sweet! She's even willing to give me sewing lessons, brave woman that she is, after the baby is born.
Oh the joy of pictures when you're 9 months pregnant...I seem to just grow all over. It was such a hot day out that we ended up leaving sooner than I would have expected. You can't tell by Joanne, though, she always looks so cute and stylish.


Kelli said...

Kimberly, you found great treasures! The gravy boat is so pretty and the children's book looks so sweet!
How nice to be able to meet up with a friend this weekend. I think you look *wonderful!* You do not look 9 months pregnant...5 months at the most. :0)

Sheila said...

Great finds! Wow! Many of my treasures are not displayed or are in a locked cabinet. Someday they will come out of hiding.

Jodi said...

Kimberly ~ You look beautiful and aglow with motherhood!

Such wonderful finds! I love old books and magazines.


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