Friday, April 06, 2007


It's a rainy day here in Denver. It's falling so lightly right now that it's more of a mist, gentle and cool. The sky is gray, but somehow the green of the grass is more vibrant, the rain-soaked earth drinking in the moisture. It is peaceful.
I am taking my mother to the airport this morning. She will spend Easter with my sister and her family. I wish we all lived closer. How fun it would be to celebrate Easter together! I'd love for Pumpkin to see his cousins more. He is so much like his oldest cousin. They could pass for the same person in their pictures. Gotta love that red hair!
After the trip to the airport we'll come home for a nap and early lunch before my midwife's appointment. I'm twenty weeks along. I feel the baby dance all the time. What a joy. After that, we'll come home and spend the afternoon here, probably napping. Then we'll work on Pumpkin's exercises. He has made so much progress!

When he broke his leg we'd asked about physical therapy, but were told he wouldn't need it. A month after the cast was removed, he was back to sitting up, but that was all and still sort of wobbly. We were told not to worry about it and that he'd start crawling any day. Move ahead three months to his next checkup. He was still not crawling, nor showing any interest in moving around at all. This time I was told that he was now far enough behind as to warrant physical therapy. Sigh.
Not good news since our insurance deductible is so high. We'd met the deductible with the break/surgery/hospital stay for 2006. (One 24 hour trip to the hospital=$17,500+.) I was still wrestling with the insurance company to pay everything they owed off, now almost six months later.)
Thank you, Lord, for having already set a plan in motion for us! I was having lunch over at another mom's house from Mops just a few days before the doctor visit. Not knowing her well, I asked what she had done before having her three sons. She said she's been a physical therapist. She said she missed it and loved watching people and seeing how they moved. We both looked at Pumpkin who was sitting there quietly playing with a toy. She asked if she could try something with him. She moved him into a crawling position. He screamed his head off. She offered to put together some exercises for him. I jumped at the idea.
Since that visit to the doctor's we've gotten together several times and she's given me lots of ideas and exercises to do with him. She won't accept any payment for her help, so I'm trying to keep her supplied with breads and baked goods! She's enjoying it and considering it to be serving God by helping us. Amazing. (I'm still looking for a way to show our gratitude and am open to ideas!)
It's been just a month now, but he is already crawling short distances, pulling himself up to a sitting position from laying on his back, and standing and taking small steps with help. There's also a lot less screaming now as we move his muscles and exercise with him.
What a blessing! I am amazed at his progress in such a short time. So is she! Now, whenever he's awake he's on the move. Challenging, but it's so wonderful for this mommy to see!
On another note, a check arrived a few days ago from the insurance company to pay all but $100 of the final hospital bills. Thank you, Jesus. March certainly ended on a better note than it started for us. Hallelujah!

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Kelli said...

What a cutie!! I'm glad to hear he is doing so well!


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