Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Flicker of Hope

For Christmas this year my sister gave me a "Flicker of Hope" candle. One of her friends started making and selling candles to benefit "Acres of Hope", an organization in Liberia, she found through adopting her son from Liberia. Acres of Hope Liberia, Inc. is a Liberian based, non-profit, charitable and humanitarian organization dedicated to meeting the needs of orphaned children in West Africa. ALL the profits from the candles and other products goes to "Acres of Hope".

Here's a link to their site for more information about the candles and here's the link for "Acres of Hope".

My sister asked me to help get the word out, as I am the only person she knows who has a blog and all their advertising is word of mouth. Neither of us has anything to gain by mentioning this. She'd just like to help her friends help more orphans.

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