Monday, November 20, 2006

Planning the Week

I have to write everything down, or I won't get anything done. This year I thought I'd just type it all out here while I listen to Pumpkin talk himself to sleep for his morning nap. Plus, since this is my master list, I won't lose it somewhere around the house! I can also add to it as needed and print it out. Do you see anything I'm missing? Feel free to comment and share your ideas and plans!

Sunday: DONE
1. Try to defrost turkey.
2. Stop.
3. Clean out fridge to have room for turkey.
4. Defrost turkey.

Monday: DONE
1. Finalize menu and guest list. (Post menu later.)
2. Go through recipes and check all supplies. (cranberries?)
3. Put all recipes together.
4. Make final grocery list.
5. Make bread. I'm thinking of shaping the dough into a cornucopia and stuffing it with little rolls. We'll see. I'll take pictures if it works. I don't have a picture or recipe, except my regular bread recipe, just a picture in my mind. It's amazing the things that pop into one's mind at 1:30 in the morning. At least if I try it to today and it doesn't work, I still have a few days.
6. Make Thanksgiving cards to mail and place cards for the table. (This will probably happen later tonight after the Pumpkin is in bed.)Skipped!

1. Redo bread, if needed. :) Bake extra loaves for stuffing recipe. DONE
2. Check turkey defrosting. DONE still pretty frozen
3. Bless (clean) the house. DONE
4. Go to store, if needed. DONE
5. Decorate DONE

1. Prepare the Sweet Patootie Souffle.DONE
2. Make pumpkin pies. (I've never done this before!)
3. Make jello. DONE
4. Prepare all veggies.
5. Prepare stuffing.DONE
6. Get out all serving dishes and label them.
7. Figure out what time turkey goes in. (19.43 lbs.)
8. Prepare turkey. Do Thu am
9. Prepare mushrooms.DONE
10. Make cranberry relish.DONE

1a. Take turkey out of fridge.
1. Pull myself together.
2. Set table.
3. Start turkey.
4. Peel potatoes.
5. Set out souffle.
6. Boil potatoes.
7. Bake souffle.
8. Check turkey periodically.
9. Bake stuffing.
10. Take turkey out when ready.
11. Put rolls in oven to warm, unless doing the cornucopia.
12. Make gravy.
13. Carve turkey.
14. Get everything to the table.
15. Say grace.
16. Eat!
17. Clean up.
18. Store leftovers.
19. Put turkey carcass in stockpot to boil.
20. Cool, strain and bag turkey broth. Label and put in freezer.

1. Get ready for Christmas!!!!! I'm hoping we'll head to the forest to find our tree today! Won't be done. :( Tree Permits don't start until December 2nd this year.


Mrs. U said...

I really like how you've written out your entire week. I usually only do one day at a time. Your way seems better, more organized, because I could organize my time during the week more wisely. Hmmmm... now I'm in the market for a new calendar with bigger pages! :)

Thank you for sharing!

Mrs. U

Kimberly said...

I have a standard weekly schedule I (try to) stick to. It's just a list for each day and poted on my desk and fridge. I've got a plain monthly calendar I just print off the computer. For more details and extra things during the week, I just usually put them on paper, or in a notebook. ~K

Jodi said...

LOL - I love the fact you're posting your list so you don't lose it. :o) I'm constantly having to search and then find mine tucked into one of the cookbooks I was "just" using. I, too, like to plan out all the days leading up to a big meal/party. It helps you think about what can be accomplished ahead of time.

I do so hope you get to go lumberjacking on Friday for your tree! I still remember our first tree hunt in Maine with my oldest son on his first Christmas -- lovely memories (he's 16 now!). [Well -- I guess it's your pumpkin's 2nd Christmas, isn't it? but last year you would have been recovering and I imagine he was a wee bit young for a tramp through the cold for a tree - lol. So I hope you enjoy your special time! :o)]


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