Saturday, November 18, 2006

Tale of a Thanksgiving Past

This time last year we were awaiting the birth of Pumpkin. He was due the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Tuesday, came and went. Wednesday, came and went. Thursday? Nothing but the Butterball on the table. We even had the "My First Thanksgiving" bib ready to go!
Oh well. Guess we'll use it next week.
We celebrated the holiday with my Mother, who had just moved here a few months before. She did the majority of the cooking as no one was sure what I'd be doing. We also had the privilege of sharing our table with a family member I had never celebrated with and my husband hadn't been able to be with in over fifteen years. There was a lot to be thankful for!
Sadly, life has taken that person away again for a time; the length of which we do not know. We'll consider last year's celebration for what it was: a wonderful day to thank God for. Even as I look sadly to an empty spot at the table this year, where I wish she could be, I can do no more than to pray that she will find her way back to Jesus, and hopefully to our table again someday. I miss you.
Wow. This was going to be a happy post on Thanksgiving! I sit here with my fingers on the keyboard wondering if I should erase the middle paragraphs, but I can't.
It's so easy to want to hide our painful thoughts, to just present a picture perfect front to the world. But I know from two events this week, that transparency is more important and that through the cracks, God's light can shine brighter.
The first thing was a speaker who used to have a picture perfect presentation she did on Christmas. However, some losses (all 20 Rubbermaid Christmas tubs were lost in a move) made her change her presentation. Her honesty in her emotions and her family's reactions made me want to listen to her. She became real, instead of what may have been a polished Martha Stewarty (Can that be a word?) presentation that would have had us all listen, but made many of us feel like we could never measure up. Instead, it was a delightfully fun and sad chat with a friend who you wanted to cry with and rejoice with as well.
The second event was a post over on Intent. The way in which she wrote about a phone call made me feel as is I was in the room with her, maybe that I was even the person on the other end of the phone. I felt the pain of the caller as well as the comfort of having someone listen. It was a moving piece.
While I often enjoy celebrating the beauty of life and home (and tea!) on this blog, I also want it to be a place that refreshes and welcomes others as an extension of my home. If you come here, or to my home, and all you leave with is the thought that you can't do it all, then I have sinned. But, if you leave, having experienced comfort and even love, then it is all worth it.
I know that there are blogs I've visited, that look and read like something out of a magazine shoot, or of a place so perfect I'd never fit in. That's not me. I prefer a place with real people making the journey of life a little happier, the way a little prettier, and the walk a little shorter with a friend at my side.
I hope you have a blessed week. Try not to get too caught up in trying to make the holiday perfect. Make it be a time of love and joy, even if the rolls get burned and the trukey falls off the platter! Thank the Lord for those you are gathered with and offer up a prayer for those who cannot sit at your table this year. Remember to truly, Give Thanks.


Kimberly said...

I just added the link to the Intent blog on the sidebar. I've been meaning to do that, but forgot to put it in the posting. Oh well. Go over for a visit when you can!

Jodi said...

Kimberly, This post and your earlier one (No Title) reminded me of a conversation I had with a lady at church a few years ago. She had expressed to our Sunday School class how much she longed to be held and comforted in the arms of Jesus -- to be able to see Him, touch Him, hear Him . . . Many of the people did not understand her comments, but I did. I too had felt that longing, and one day as I prayed about it the Lord just reminded me that His body is here -- in the church. He is visible; He can touch me; I can hear Him -- When I gather with fellow believers. I know -- I'm not always satisfied with that -- I want more. But like-minded believers can be incredibly fulfilling. I think it's finding truly like-minded believers that is the key, and that can be difficult. And on the flip side of that -- it is only when we can lay aside our pretenses and be real that we can truly be the hands, the hugs, the listening ear that Christ wants us to be. I think that's the line along which you're thinking; am I correct? If it is ... I know how you feel. :o)

Kimberly said...

Yes, thank you. I wonder sometimes after I ramble on, if anyone else will understand. Some posts are just because I've got to get my own thoughts together and sometimes it's easier to do that by writing. I know you're moving, wanna move to Denver? :)

Jodi said...

Ah Kimberly - You're so sweet! I'm on the wrong side of the United States. :o( My husband and I only drove through Denver once on our way to Colorado Springs. We had just celebrated our 1-year anniversary. We were leaving Las Vegas (Nellis AFB); He was getting ready to fly me home to Florida to stay with my parents for a year while he went to Alaska on a remote Air Force assignment. He had to fly back into Colorado and attend an 8-week training course before driving to Alaska.

Admittedly, we were rather blue on that trip, but oh the beauty of Colorado is hard to beat!! It can touch even the saddest of hearts. :o) We spent our first year of marriage out in the wilderness (getting away from Vegas!), hiking and fishing around Lake Mead or going up to Mt. Charleston. So the Rockies definitely appealed to us! :o) We often thought we might end back up there - but so far - the Lord has not moved us in that direction.

And I don't think your thoughts are hard to understand. You ponder and mull things over -- I can tell that in your writings. I enjoy sharing in your journey. :o)


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