Thursday, October 09, 2014


So, here I am.  Still in Idaho and dreaming of Colorado.  There isn't anything new to report. 

I did get a call today from someone here in town interested in seeing the house.  I passed the message on to the realtor.  It's been weeks since we've had a showing. 

Also, the family that had two showings were spotted yesterday driving by as slow as possible.  Maybe there is still interest there.  I really have no idea what will happen, but I'm praying this will sell and soon.  We are planning to move on next month whether it sells, or not by then.  It would be best to have it sell.  We certainly don't want to pay for two homes.

We think we know the house we'll move into, but there are some issues still up in the air about it.  Big issues, but as there is nothing I can do about it, I'm trying not to think about it!

My Mom moved on ahead at the end of last month.  We loaded some things, mostly furniture, onto her truck.  We had expected a bigger truck and had packed up virtually everything, but it didn't happen. All the rest is packed up in tubs in the basement waiting to move. 

We are here with minimal furnishings, enough things to keep it looking nice for showings and only a dozen books each.  I'm almost done with all mine and may have to move onto Sweetheart's stash soon.  ;)  The house seems so empty to me without all our books and bookshelves, but someone dropped in the other day who has been over ever since we moved in and he didn't notice a thing.

I've hung up garlands of Autumn leaves with my twinkle lights in the kitchen and the living room with more leaves tucked all around.  It hides the bare (to me) places and keeps it looking warm and cozy. 

The kids and I are busy doing school and hanging out.  My tough jobs are done until the week it is time to leave.  It's kind of nice to relax a bit in the afternoons.  Sweetheart is still busy selling things off and cleaning up the outside of the property.  It looks a lot better for all his hard work. 

We all took an hour off this afternoon and went on a walk at Cupcake's insistence.  She ended up being carried part way back up the hills.  We traded off.  She's getting heavy.  ;)  And I was just commenting on what a good walker she was to someone yesterday.  She'll sleep well tonight!

We saw lots of deer, cows and horses on the walk and all admired the changing leaves.  There are still some trees around with plums and pears and apples.  My tomatoes in the garden have taken off in spite of my almost complete neglect.  They did nothing all summer, but are all ripening nicely now in October.  We have all sorts of colors of tomatoes and carrots which is a lot of fun.

Well, I'd best get off the computer and get everyone settled.  Hope you are all well wherever you are!


Charlotte Moore said...

I sure hope you all are about to sell. Two payments would not be good at all.


Nessie said...

Kimberly, I keep my fingers crossed for you. Two mortgages are a lot to handle. So hopefully you will be selling this house quickly. But one can read behind each line how much you are looking forward to move (on). At the end, everything will be fine, you will see.
Greetings from far, far away in Scotland (Europe),

DJ said...

Please don't despair. You have many prayers behind you and it will happen at the very best time in the very best way for you and your sweet family.
Warm gentle huggz,

BaileyZimmerman said...

Kim....Just think the wonderful Thanksgiving holidays! Your house will sell!!!! Yes it will!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you check in. I am wanting to move very much also, and it's almost unbearable when you want to get on with your life. But, God's timing is perfect. Hang in there. :)

Nessie said...

Hello Kimberly,
I just want to ask how you are doing? Still no news? Are you already in your new house? I am still keeping my fingers crossed. Good luck,


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