Thursday, August 28, 2014

Moving On.

We have put our home up for sale.  We are planning to move back to Colorado.  And I am so very glad.
These last years have been incredibly hard.  Because I haven't wanted to write complaining and whining, I've not written much at all in so very long.  I take that idea, "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all!" probably too close to heart.
Yes, there are a few things I will miss about this place.  Like today, when we had to leave for our first showing we went up to the woods just a mile away.  We threw rocks in the water, crossed the (little) river on a board bridge, and picked wild apples we ate right off the tree.  That was nice.
But this town?  There is so little for us.  We'll miss the incredibly kind people at our little church and the (very) few friends we've made.  But I won't miss much.
It's not the hard work, though there has been plenty.  It's that every little thing here is a struggle.
And I've fought against the prevailing negativity of this place until I simple cannot anymore.  It's sunk me more than once.  It's such a pit I have clawed my way out of too many times, my heart dying a bit more with each fall.  I don't want to live like this anymore.
So, here we are four long years since we sold our last home.  We've learned a lot.  Shoot, I'll always know how to milk a goat or a cow.  I had to put down another hen the other day and just didn't even think twice about it.  Quite a change from the first time.
We followed a dream that was often a bit more of a nightmare.  At least we won't look back at the end and wonder what might have been.  We gave it our all and it is simply time to move on.


Davene Grace said...

Oh, Kimberly, my heart goes out to you!

I've lived in a situation where everything was a struggle. It was when we lived in Israel; and, literally, every single area of life was harder than it had been in our previous situation in California.

Looking back on those Israel years, I don't regret them in the least. I know God used them for good, and I'm certainly better prepared in case we ever live overseas again! ;-) But I also remember how, like you said, every little thing was a struggle.

I pray that God makes your steps very smooth and clear in the days to come...and that He gives you abundant strength to finish out your time well in your current home.

I, for one, am looking forward to following along--wherever your adventures may take you! :)

Unknown said...

Bless your heart!!! How awful to live in a struggle all the time. PRAY things work for the good.

Charlotte Moore

BaileyZimmerman said...

You'll have new adventures in a place that is equally if not more naturally beautiful.
Love to you!

DJ said...

So sorry for your struggles. I pray you will find the peace that you need for yourself and your family, where ever you find yourself. Best wishes.

GrammaGrits said...

Blessings on you and your family; pray for a quick sale and clear direction!

Jodi said...

((Kimberly)) ~

Praying all goes well and your house sells quickly (and for the price you want!).

Nessie said...

I hope that you will find someone who wants to buy your house soon.
And I am so much looking forward to the many posts you will be writing like you did before you moved there.
About you tea parties, etc.
Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness, seriously? i'm so happy for you! been there done that. i have another friend whose family has done the same thing. they aren't selling though-they are staying but scaling way back to a few chickens and a small garden-she said the dream is all well and good but the reality is just really, really hard. i'm proud of you for trying it-many people don't even go that far. i am very happy for you-i don't know why, i just am, lol. i totally understand. i've been reading your blog since Pumpkin was a baby but i rarely comment. actually i couldn't for a long time since you didn't allow anonymous comments and i don't have a blog. but this post just made my day-you will be so much happier! doing the happy dance for you in northern ca. lol. joanna :)

Janna said...

So sorry for your struggle, but excited to see you beautiful face in person again and to reconnect.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I just knew from your few posts that your heart was ready to make a change. We have been in that same place and wondered if we missed God when we moved to an area we never really felt happy with.

But looking back now as many years have passed, I know the places he had us where we weren't entirely happy were just as much His will as those we loved.

I am certain there will be a big part of this chapter of your lives that someday you will know made the next chapter possible.

Will be praying!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

This is big news! I hope your home sells quickly and you find a new home as well. Makes me sad to hear things have been hard. Moving to CO was a dream or us but turned out to be much harder than we ever imagined. We're on the other side of that now and know that it all works together for good...but when you're in the middle of it--that's tough to swallow. Hang in there, Kimberly.

Buttons said...

Oh Kimberly I am sending you lots of hugs and prayers no one should have to live in a place that makes them feel this bad. I do hope you can get back to the peace you had before. It is sad but you need to be surrounded by love not negativity. HUGS B


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