Friday, May 16, 2014

This Week

So, the helicopter has been the big deal this week around here.  That, and a trip "down below" to Costco and Target.  I remember when Target was a twenty minute drive and a weekly occurrence.  Now, it's two hours away and an all day ordeal.  Yes, Cupcake still has motion sickness, even with Dramamine.
Away, the helicopter has been really neat.  We walked over the afternoon after it arrived.  The guys were so cool.  We got the whole history of the helicopter (1963, flew in Vietnam, can land on water, folds up for aircraft carrier trips, etc.) and got to climb all around inside.  Dumpling has barely been back on earth since its arrival.  ;)
Dumpling took his breakfast outside to watch the helicopter while he ate.

He's drawn so many helicopter pictures!

He's been making Lego helicopters and checked out books on helicopters from the library.  He's loving this so much.  It's not bad.  I do shut the windows when it's running on the ground.  The fumes are harsh.  But it's not really that noisy over all.  This is their landing/refueling dock.  They are picking up the logs over the mountain and dropping them off in another location, so luckily they're not flying over the house.

Here's a random picture of the school room the other morning.  The light is so neat in there in the mornings.  It's all dappled from the lilac tree outside the window.

Lavender kombucha, mmmm!


Charlotte Moore said...

What a time passer for him to enjoy. I am sure he will talk about this for a long time.

BaileyZimmerman said...

You never know where this fascination will lead him!!
What fun!!!

Bonnie K said...

Cool at first, but I bet it gets on your nerves after a while. Glad the little guy is enjoying it.


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