Saturday, January 18, 2014

Tea Cozy~Basket

I've used this Chinese Tea Basket for years.  It does help keep the tea warm and the pot is huge.  Just wanted to share!  Why don't you come over for a cuppa?


Roberta said...

Love your tea basket cozy (with tea pot inside)! So nice both for keeping the tea warm and for carrying the pot safely if you wish to take it somewhere. Did you buy it when you were living in China?

Unknown said...

I have never seen on of these.

Charlotte Moore

BaileyZimmerman said...

Wow...what an interesting item!!
Your Mom and I are packing... last day is always a sluggish fest of squeezing and weighing. I had to pay an extra $100 on my way over. I had Christmas gifts for the kids.

Kimberly's Cup said...

I actually got it a few years ago in an antique store in Denver. It's not old though.
I've seen them on ebay and etsy as well.


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