Wednesday, January 15, 2014

January Days

Our days have a basic rhythm to them.  As much as I'd like a schedule with set times to get it all done, I just can't seem to be that together.  Or, I've got it together, but no one else is on board.
This works best when I get up early enough.  (This is hard, I admit, when it is still so dark each morning.)  My usual time to get up is six.  This helps me to get the fire going, read, pray, exercise, and do whatever before everyone else is up and running.
I cook a hot breakfast every morning and we all have set chores to do.  Once they are done, and someone please tell me a day will come when I don't have to remind everyone what they are supposed to do every single morning, we start our lessons.
Everyone piles on the couch for Bible, practicing our memory verses, history and/or science, and some other read alouds.  Each lessons goes pretty quick and everyone stays remarkably focused.  They all love this time and so do I.
It's then time for a quick break, usually meaning running around, dancing for Cupcake, or legos for the kids and rotating the laundry for me.  Sometimes, we'll hit the computer to look up something we've read about and I check email.  A quick tea refill is also almost a requirement at this time.
After the break we join up in the schoolroom for Chinese lessons, math and writing.  Cupcake loves school-at-the-table so much.  And so much more than her brothers who would rather be waging a battle against something or playing legos 23 out of 24 hours of the day.
While the boys do their independent work things, I usually work on something with Cupcake.  I have a bunch of tubs with manipulatives, puzzles, blocks and other games she enjoys doing.  We got Shut the Box, Memory and Boggle Jr for Christmas (thanks Grandmas!) and she enjoys rolling/throwing the dice, finding card matches and matching up the letter cubes to the cards.  She's actually surprised me with how much she loves the Boggle game.  She's a bit of a whirling dervish, so for her to sit and want to play is nice.  The fact that she can match up the letters so quickly surprises me.
It's then off to fix lunch for me while they finish up anything left and play.  Rotating laundry and prepping for dinner should also happen now.  After lunch, we do have a thirty minute Quiet Reading Time.  This is a wonderful time.  Everyone heads upstairs and reads on their beds.
I pour another cup of tea and settle into my favorite chair by the fire.  It's bliss.  I wish it happened every day, but at least it happens most days.  I've learned not to do chores, or go near the computer during these thirty minutes.  Though yesterday I did pick up my knitting needles for part of the time inspired as I was by reading some really ancient Victoria magazine that had tons of knitting stories. 
Today I made a list of books to read off a list from another Book Club from long ago.  I found it in an old Victoria as well.  I've been needing some inspiration for my reading for the year.  I thought it a nice list combining quiet a few things I've been meaning to read "some day" and some I'd never heard of.  There were ten books and so I think I just might have to find them all to read this year. 
How I wish there were others in this town who liked to read.  Or even knew how to read.  I'd like to have a Book Club to join together regularly for tea and books.  Especially books worth ready and not just whatever is popular.
I guess I shouldn't be so down on this town, but really, if you were here, you would understand.
I did read something last week I've been meaning to read for years, but couldn't seem to get through:  The Hobbit.  I read and now think I love it.  Guess I should add the trilogy to my reading list as well.
I have lots of other things I try to get into each day and I have a list a mile long of things to make, but so far all I've made this week is meals and laundry detergent.  Nothing too exciting.
I do need to drag all my supplies back up here and start whipping up new things, but somehow I just can't seem to do it.  I did sell quite a lot at the little store who took my things on consignment in December, so that was good news.  It also means I need to buckle down and replenish the stock. 
But at least what has to happen is getting done each day, even if all I want isn't.  Right?  Right??  :)  And apparently, washing the floors just isn't a "has to happen" kinda thing this week. 

What's on your list to read this year???  I LOVE to hear what others are reading or want to read!!!


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I just finished two books by Rosamunde Pilcher after they were recommended by friends.

I especially liked Winter Solstice. They are not written from a Christian perspective but that book has a wonderful story and their questions about God as a background.

I also loved Adventures in Yarn Farming by Barbara Parry, who raises sheep mostly for wool yarn. Lots of pictures!

One thing I noticed after entering this new empty nest period of life is that I get caught up with laundry! I don't think that ever happened when I had kids at home.

Roberta said...

Last week I read GOD'S DOUBLE AGENT by Bob Fu. Since it's a true story set in China, I'm sure you'd enjoy it.

tonia said...

I'd love to know what's on the booklist, Kimberly! Sounds like a good list so far!

Mumsie said...

Love reading your blog and we have much in common such as books, tea and knitting.;-) I live just over the hill out side of Chewelah WA. Maybe someday we could share a cuppa!

Blessings to you!

Mumsie said...

Love reading your blog and we have much in common such as books, tea and knitting.;-) I live just over the hill out side of Chewelah WA. Maybe someday we could share a cuppa!

Blessings to you!

Mumsie said...

aka...Caryl Dungan ;-)


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