Saturday, November 30, 2013

Home Sale

From the Porch Day-Including the Boys' Table with Rocks for Sale
Come on in!
The Dining Room

Solid Lotion Bars for Sale
Herbal Salts to Sample and Buy

Gift Baskets

Kitchen- Teas, Coffees and Scones

Scone Samples & Mixes for Sale in the Kitchen
Teas & Coffees

Sweet Dreams Tea Closeup

Sign from an Old Crate in the Basement
Living Room Table
In the Living Room

The Mantle
Lots of Goodies for Sale
Signs, Cards, Potpourri, and Wing Nut Warmers
Felt Play Mats that Took FOREVER to Make
 The Sale was off to a really slow start.  I opened at 10:00, but no one came the first hour.  After that, we had people almost continually until four when we closed.
It was a lot of work and I had hoped for more people, but those that came did buy a lot.  We'll see how today goes.


Bonnie said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE it! Everything looks beautiful, and I'm sure tasted and smelled as good as it looked! Those felt play mats are darling- yes, they take forever, but aren't they fun? Glad it went well : )

Missy K said...

So very lovely- wish I could have been there in person. I will confess, my first thought at seeing the pictures was Gracious-- she has been WORKING! Sorry there were not more folks, but that the ones who came were buyers. Blessings!

BaileyZimmerman said...

I'm so anxious to hear how everything went.
You have so many fabulous gifts!!
I absolutely couldn't make it thru without my neck warmer...sometimes it's the only thing that takes care of the pain....I use it ALL the time!!

Bonnie K said...

Wish I lived a bit closer. I would have loved to walk through. You did an excellent job. I love where you put everything.

tonia said...

Have I said this before? You are amazing! Everything looks so beautiful! I hope the sale finished well and I'm so glad for those folks who did come and buy!

Hope you're taking the month of December off! Whew!

Nessie said...

It looked so inviting! Hope the second day went even better und you sold nearly everything?
Love, Nessie


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