Wednesday, November 06, 2013


The cold seeps in today.  The fog clings to the mountains low behind us.  The heavy greyness fills the valley we are in.  A hot fire burning, another pot of tea brewing and I am reminded that the sun is still shining even when hidden by the fog.
Yesterdays dancing snowflakes were joined by their friends to create enough to stick yesterday to the drifts of leaves.  Today though grey, is warmer and most of the snow has melted off leaving wet piles of crinkled gold.
And I am choosing to stay indoors. 
And sew more Wing Nut Warmers. 
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Unknown said...

I really like warm weather so much better.

Charlotte Moore

Missy K said...

Stay warm friend! So glad to see you here.

tonia said...

I agree with Missy: stay warm! I think about this all the time when I'm cold...I wonder how Kimberly is doing? Is it snowing there?

Wishing you warmth upon warmth, friend.


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