Monday, September 09, 2013

Pictures from the End of Summer

Waiting happily for my friend to arrive for Bible Study.

I love to say it usually doesn't look like this, but it does.  There is always a project, or twenty, going on.  I was going to do a nice post, and I still plan to, on my kitchen remodel, but this is simply the everyday picture of reality.  The pot on the stove is full of wild plums cooking so I can skim the pits out and make fruit leathers.  The crock-pot is full of oil and herbs for a new batch of Healing Balm.  The big baskets on the counter are full of windfall pears, a neighbor's tomatoes, and some early apples.  All the stuff on the island is what I'm working on for gift baskets to sell.  The four pumpkins are ones that were ripe already in the garden.  Two are now on the porch for decoration, one became dinner and some desserts and one is still sitting here next to me.  Between my Seasons~Autumn Board and my Farmhouse Kitchen Cooking Board, I've got lots of uses for the thirty or so pumpkins I've got growing!
Actually, I just looked around and noticed everything is done and the counters are really pretty clean!  Well, there is still a pile of new baskets I washed drying on the counter behind me.  I'm planning on using my late afternoons and evenings to really get cracking on making all my stuff for the sales.

All the kids love to watch and play with the chickens.  Cupcake is a bit to small still to just roam with them, but she's loves to feed them with me.  She and Pumpkin were watching these guys.

The chicks sure have grown!  We're down to four, but they seem to be going strong.

I love tea.  Have I mentioned that before?

Cupcake loves olives, so he sure enjoyed these guys. I was inspired by this pin.

Sometimes we all play with our food.

Even Pumpkin liked the penguins although he doesn't like olives to eat, they were fun to play with.

My zinnias have been a source of delight this summer.  Definitely something to grow every year.

Just a little pretty I've had for years.

After redoing the kitchen, I moved my odds and ends out of the dining room built in, put down vintage shelf paper I bought years ago, and filled the cupboard with my canning and my dried herbs in jars.  I like it.
Now, the cool mornings and lessons make me feel that Autumn has arrived.
It's the best time of year to me.

I took these pictures over the last couple of weeks and just decided to throw together this post while the kiddos are doing chores.  Time to go and get back to the other lessons!


BaileyZimmerman said...

Oh, what a fun post!!

Is that a maple glaze on those raisin-biscuit-scones???

What a fun glimpse of your very busy kitchen.
(Mom is lucky to be able to peek inside and grab a treat or two!!)

Look at those rosy cheeks on your two youngins'!!

Zinnias are of the few sturdy heat-resistant flowers that I could grow in Phoenix. Now I get to grow peonies and other cool weather delights!

Thanx Honey for taking the time to post!!
What a joy!!

K said...

It's a vanilla glaze on those scones. They were my chocolate chip scones. Yesterday's had an orange-vanilla glaze that was fantastic on my spice scones with cranberries. I'll be making scone mixes up soon and adding them to Etsy.
We do have rosy cheeks here!
I had my first peony bloom this year after two summers of nothing. I planted a few, but only one looks like it'll make it. It has been such a hot and dry summer up until the other day.
Love you!

Bonnie K said...

I love the post. I'm glad I'm not the only one with a hundred projects going on at once. It is good to be busy. I like the kitchen. Islands are sure helpful. Thanks for sharing.


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