Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hello Again.

All is well here.  It's been a busy time for us.  We were gone so much last week for swim lessons.  An ordeal and a half, but so worth it.  I am glad it is done though!
We were also busy with our County Fair.  That was fun.  Maybe I'll get to a post on that soon. 
The picture above is from a Lavender Festival I went to earlier in the month.  I'd love to write about that, too.
But...not today.
I just wanted to check in. 
What are you up to?  Anything fun?
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Davene Grace said...

What a gorgeous picture! I always love when you pop in and give an update from your corner of the world. :)

For us, the new and exciting thing is that we're soon hosting a Fresh Air Fund boy from New York City for a week. It will give him - and us! - a taste of life in someone else's shoes, and I *think* it will be great for my boys. :)

Other than that, lots of canning... Green beans, pickles, jalapenos, tomatoes, etc. I always feel a sense of richness as I watch the cellar shelves fill up! :)

Bonnie K said...

I'm piddling around in the garden, feeding the fish in our pond, and making things I see on pinterest. It has been a quiet summer.

BaileyZimmerman said...

Hi Honey,
Just went down to Florida to visit Heather and the kids. (Her hubby was in mid-west helping his family.)
We went YAA...Yound at Art museum. Kids love it...I play 'drums' with was a Stomp exhibit!!
We've had non-stop company....quiet now!

Miss you!!!!!

Yr Mom is excited about her move!!!

Kellie said...

Beautiful picture! We went lavender picking last week as well... so much fun.

I've been thinking about you lately and hope you're having a wonderful summer! One of these days I'm totally going to make the trip down south and hope to meet you at last:)

K said...

Davene-I hope you share about this! What a wonderful experience for everyone.
Bonnie-Sounds lovely!
Aunt L- I'd love to see you play the drums. Alas, no children's museum around here. I've heard of one in Boise. Maybe once Grandma Gail is here...
Kellie- I hope you do! You'd be most welcome.


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